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Red Sands Radio 390

Issue: 1 Updated: 4th November 2021

Relegated from Senior Radio 390 Engineer Lawrence Bean's farm store room boxes of old tapes taken off the Red Sands Fort on the final day 28th July 1967

Tape Boxes etc are shown in chronological date order

Mike Raven

Mike Raven Radio 390 Programme (Undated)

Mike Raven aka Austin Churton Fairman had helped set-up Radio Atlanta with his cousin Liberal Politician Oliver Smedley, responsible later for the death of Radio City boss Reg Calvert

Mike Raven

Reveille Magazine Ad' for Mike Raven Radio 390 Programme

Mandy & Mike Raven (Jelle Boonstra Archive)

Mike moved to Radio Invicta assisting Tom Pepper (Harry Featherby) as programme controller and successor KING and for a time on Radio 390

Mike Raven

Mike Raven Blues Show via XTRA

His top rated Blues Show was distributed by Xtra part of Transatlantic Records

Sunday Times Jazz Sunday Times Jazz

Example of the Sunday Times Hour of Jazz (16th August 1966)

Blue Musician Alexis Korner hosted the weekly sponsored programme recorded in London, there are a good many in the collection!

The programme was also aired on Radio 270 that broadcast from a former Dutch Fishing Vessel the 'Oceaan VII' moored off the Yorkshire coast

According to Lawrence along with John (Ray) Glendinning in early 1967 suggested a largely taped output be introduced thus substantially reducing the number of people needed aboard the Fort and costs

Testament to the high volume of tapes and instructions that follow, and recordings generally available ...

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall's Note (Undated)

Motoring Sponsor Tags for Morning Melody

Memory lane Memory lane

Memory Lane (9th July 1967)

There are a number of these programmes

The practice was to write run notes in a duplicate book for all tapes maintained by the duty Librarian

Magic Leader Tape

Magic Leader tape Detail 1

Tandberg 12

Tandberg Series 12 with spool of Wincarnis Ad's #s 9-10-11 NSW/R.1145 @7.5"ps for Radio 390

Napper Stinton Woolley Limited, were Independent Producers in Advertising, 15-19 Great Chapel Street, London WI Telephone Gerrand 6980

Their Soho location was between Dean and Wardor Street off Oxford Street, former telephone number Gerrard 2633 at number 19 before expansion

Leslie Stinton was the listed Director of the British Advertising Agency; which included Radio and Television Commercials with over £512.000 worth of contracts for British Government Advertising

Sound of Brass

Sounds of Brass bands (15th July 1967)

Sound of Brass Sound of Brass

Sounds of Brass Bands (15th July 1967)

Keyboard Calvacade

Keyboard Cavalcade (17th July 1967)

Radio 390 for Women

Radio 390 aimed at Women

Comedy Corner

Comedy Corner (22nd July 1967)

Comedy Corner Comedy Corner

Comedy Corner Detail (22nd July 1967)

Memory Lane

Memory Lane (22nd July 1967)

Memory lane Memory lane

Memory Lane (23rd July 1967)

Happy Housewives Happy Housewives

Happy Housewives (Reveille Magazine)

North of the Border

North of the Border (Undated)

Scottish Programme

Scottish Programme (23rd July 1967)

Scottish programme Scottish Programme

Scottish Programme (23rd July 1967)

Magic Leader tape

Magic Leader Tape Detail 2


Cattleman - Part 1 & 2

Grace Gibson Radio Productions, City Mutual Building, 60 Hunter Street, Sydney, Australia

Produced the syndicated programme series run for a short time by Radio 390

Country Style Country Style

Country Style (28th July 1967)

Country Style Country Style

Country Style (28th July 1967)

A gimmick that worked for a short time!

390 Message 390 Watches 390 Spring Bulbs

Radio 390 Advertisments from Reveille Magazine

On the Scene On the Scene

On the Scene (28th July 1967)

The final programme broadcast by Radio 390 the pre-recorded tape unceremoniously cut to facilitate the closedown by Edward Cole at just after 17.00 BST on 28th July 1967

Irish Music

Irish Music (29th July 1967)

The following programme tapes were prepared but never broadcast ...

Irish Music Irish Music

Irish Music (29th July 1967)

Sunday Sounds

Sunday Sounds 'Gilbert & Sullivan' (30th July 1967)

Industry on 390 Industry on 390Industry on 390

Business Programme

Anniversary Show

The Anniversary Show (30th July 1967)


Edward Cole extract of above Anniversary Show Sunday 30th July 1967

c Industry on 390

Industry on 390

On the Scene (30th July 1967)

Spotlight My Kind of Music

'Spotlight' the Seekers

My Kind of Music

World Tomorrow

The World Tomorrow Series (Numbered but Undated)

Garner Ted Armstrong was the voice of the programme and Vice President of the Radio World Wide Church of God from 1958, broadcast by a number of Offshore Stations

A considerable number of these in the boxes!

Clsedown Messages

Closedown Messages

Edward Cole Closedown Message

Short closedown message programme by Edward Cole

Pre-recorded short programme messages include Graham Gill, Roger Scott and Edward Cole

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