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Red Sands Fort

The Bofors Tower ...

Video Clips shot on the Bofors Tower by Steve Groves on 11th October 2014

Bofors Tower 2013

1. Bofors Tower at Red Sands Fort 2013

Mealtime group 1967

2. Peter Berkley Librarian, Graham Gill, Lawrence Bean, John Glendinning & Dumb Waiter behind Jonathan Hall 1967 (Lawrence Bean Archive)

All very civilized & proper on Radio 390 with a table cloth, place mats, cups & saucers, even if they don't match

Lawrence wearing a tie & many of the on-air crew comfortable in suits & jackets, very different to the otrher Forts & ships

Bofors Tower general tour Video Clip 1 playing with the dumb waiter Video Clip 2

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