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Red Sands Fort

The Control Tower

Photographs taken By Steve Groves in March 2016

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Officers Sleeping Central Heating Plant

1. G1 from Officers Sleeping
2. Solid fuel Burner for Central Heating

Electrical consumer & fuse boxes

3. Electrical Consumer Unit & Fuse Box, circa 1943

Insulated water tank

4. Insulated Water Tank

Servery Hatch Officers Mess to Kitchen

5. Servery Hatch from Officer Mess to Officers Kitchen

Toilet Cubicle 1

6. Toilet Cubicle 1

Note: 1960's modified toilet

Toilet Cubicle 2 Toilet Cistern

7. & 8. Toilet cubicles 2 & 3

Burlington Toilet Cistern

9. 'Burlington' Cistern Close-Up 1

Burlington Toilet Cistern advanced rust

10. 'Burlington' advanced rust

Toilet CubicleBath

11. Toilet cubicle 4
12. Bath

Note: There are 4 Toilet cubicles & two Bathrooms on the Control Tower

Wash basin brackets Wash Room Area

13. Wash Basin Brackets
14. Bath Wash Room Area

Note: Wash basins in two places, a pair outside cubicles center, for at back N.E corner

Officers Sleeping Area

15. Officers Sleeping Area

Officers Sleeping Area to G2

16. Officers Sleeping towards G2

Officers Sleeping Area to G3 Officers Mess

17. Officers Sleeping towards G3
18. Officers Mess

G1 from Officers Sleeping Area

19. G1 from Officers Sleeping Area

View from G1 from Officers Sleeping Area

20. View from Officers Sleeping Area

Officers Sleeping Area

21. Officers Sleeping Area

Officers Sleeping Area Doorway

22. Officers Sleeping Area Doorway

Note: Inner steel walls were battened over then lined with low grade painted fibre board

Officers Sleeping Light Switch

23. Officers Sleeping light switch

Officers Sleeping rusty nail or love heart

24. Officers Sleeping, rusty nail head or love heart?

Officers Sleeping coat hook

25. Officers Sleeping Area, coat hook

There are two separate generous Officers Sleeping Areas with just two beds in each!

Personnel Access, staging below Personnel Access Ladder

26. Personnel Access with staging below
27. Personnel Access Ladder

Platform Winch

28. Platform Winch

Note: The mid-section with winch collapsed into the sea a week later on a subsequent work party visit

Walkway Access Doors to G3 Catwalk

29. Walkway Access Doors to G3 Catwalk

Intermediate Level Stairs

30. From Access Doors to Intermediate Level Stairs

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