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Red Sands Fort

Red Sands Radio antenna maintenance

3rd April 2016

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Yachts on All Tide Landing

1. Yachts at All Tide Landing Queenborough

From X-Pilot All Tide Landing

2. & 3. From the X-Pilot on the All Tide Landing

Yachts from prow of X-Pilot

4. Yachts on the All Tide Landing from the prow of X-Pilot

Leaving All Tide Landing

5. Leaving the All Tide Landing

Adsteam Tugs at Sheerness

6. Adsteam Damen ASD 2411 Tugs at Sheerness

These highly maneuverable stern drive vessels have around a 70 ton bollard pull

Built in Vietnam the tugs have been in service since 2006

Grain Tower 1

7. Grain Tower 1

Grain Tower 2

8. Grain Tower 2

Grain Tower 3

9. Grain Tower 3

Grain Tower 4

10. Grain Tower 4

See our full feature on Grain Tower

Approaching Red Sands Forts

11. Approaching Red Sands Fort ...

Red Sands Forts from the west 1

12. ... from the West

Red Sands Forts from the west 2

13. Alternative to 12 above

Red Sands Forts close view from the west

14. Closer view from West

Southern gun tower 1 Control & southern gun tower

15. Southern Gun Tower One (G1)
16. Control & Southern Gun Tower One (G1)

Control & gun tower 1 Gun tower 2

17. G1, 2 & Control Towers
18. Gun Tower 2

Red Sands Radio antenna 1 Red Sands Radio antenna 2

19. & 20. Southern Gun Tower ...

Red Sands Radio antenna 3

21. ... with Red Sands Radio antenna

Red Sands Radio antenna 5 Bob, David & Robin

22. Antenna from below
23. Bob with David Phillips & Robin Adcroft

Intermediate level tea break

24. Intermediate level, essential tea break

Bob & David

25. Bob & Dave on the roof of G1

Bob, David & Robin

26. Bob with David Phillips & Robin Adcroft

NCO Recreation, Red Sands Radio Studio

27. Former Officers (NCO's) Recreation Room, Red Sands Radio Studio

Originally the room was split to encompass a store room which was retained for a time on Shivering Sands when Radio Sutch & City used the same room as their studio

G1 to Control Tower Jungle Walk

28. G1 to Control Tower Jungle Walk

Bofors Tower Kipor Generator G1 between the legs

29. Bofors Tower
30. Red Sands Radio Generator Plant
31. Between the legs from the base of G1

Frame 29 photographed from NCO's Sleeping area which was the Red Sands Radio Lounge & News Room

30. Red Sands Radio Generators are Kipor KDE 6500T with an output of 5.5 kVa

Gun platform ring pull

31. Roof ring pull gun platform lock

32. Shipping in the Oaze Deep

On way to Knock John Channel, Knob Channel then depending on destination North East into the Warp, Swain, Middle Deep into Kings, or Barrow or Black Deep

Easterly to Alexandra, Princes, Edinburgh, Knock Deep or Queens

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