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Red Sands Radio - Part 10

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Stairway to roof

Corridor from ammunition room to roof stairs at night by available light

Platform & legs

An unusual angle on our legs!

Don't ask how this was taken, it shows the landing stage ladder, step over, platform & the contained central man access ladder

Gun Tower 3 roof perspective

Rough weather shot of Gun Tower 3 its roof stench pipe, stanchions & container ship coming out of the Knock John Channel into the Oaze with Knock John Fort 7 nautical miles beyond

Baby seagulls

Heads down a storms coming, one of the pairs of seagulls on Gun Tower 1 christened Bill & Kate in a listener poll

Windfarm in the rain

We'll have some more wind, white tops & rain then shall we?

Yet another storm hits the Fort

Generator house

Generators re housed in the men's downstairs sleeping area

We all learnt from early experience that diesel dissolves bitumen floors hence the cardboard sheets & drip trays

More work detail: The generators have both been serviced, fitted with new exhaust systems & re-housed standing on shock vibration pallets, we've several batteries a new charger & supply/booster unit to run 12v volt back-up lighting & the officer’s washroom/Invicta TX is a storeroom with wood, paint & plumbing in a dedicated area

Baby seagulls in the rain

I told you it was going to rain!

Rainbow colours Mother seagull

Unprocessed shots showing the true colours & tones of the rainbow
Bill & Kate's mum souring above

Sunset inside lounge

Sunsets in the lounge/dining/news room

Yacht Smess

Tuesday 8th July 08.03 hrs Yacht 'Smess' out of Oare Creek (Faversham)

Control, Gun Tower 2 (3) & Searchlight Tower legs

While we're down below, let's look at our legs again, Control, Gun Tower 2 (3) & Searchlight Tower legs

Gun Tower 4 (2)

Gun Tower 4 (2) Oxford Picture fame braces

Gun Tower 1 leg brace section

Section of Brace on Gun Tower 1

West fender NE pipework

Lower mounting of centre Fender, is detached from base & likely to disappear
North East corner foul water outlet

West bollard

Western mooring bollard

East mooring bollard

Eastern Mooring Bollard

Eastern fender

East corner fender

A sobering thought we calculate some 47,466 tides 100's of storms will have battered the Towers since they were sunk in place

North Kent Coastline towards Margate

North Kent Herne Bay & Margate coastline under moody mauve evening skies at 20.38 hrs

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