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Red Sands Radio - Part 12


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During the 2008 Red Sands Radio broadcast we became aware of a continual banging which was most noticeable on tide flood & ebb

Investigating, the central 1940's wooden fender had become detached at the bottom

The fenders are designed for vessels to rub up against to prevent damage to both themselves & the Forts re-enforced concrete legs

Pantomine Horse Preparation

But what's this 'Flashback' a marquee, dressing up for the work on the Fort, doesn't look like it

A Lively Filly

Careful that filly looks lively

Race Programme 2008 Cover

It's no joke it's the 2nd Whitstable Races organised by Roger Baker

Pat Marsh

By heck mate it's young old mate & former BBC colleague Pat Marsh

Red Sands Radio Handicap

The Pantomime horse's are off in the Red Sands Radio Handicap

Commedy Commentary

No shows complete without a comedy commentator

Pat's sniiff snigger

As snigger & sniff from Pat tells


Red Sands Radio Race Crew

Red Sands Radio at Race Day with Robin Adcroft-Banks & 'Big' Phil Shepherd


Now the Fort, the X-Pilot setting off from the All Tide Landing at Queenborough on 1st March 2009

First Fort view

The first view of the damaged fendering

The damaged fendering & support

The continual movement of the loose central fender during winter storms accelerated the collapse of the original WWII steelwork you can see the leg arrangement in Elevation at Sutch & City Part - 7

This metalwork below the Mowlem Landing Platform has been in a sorry state for some time, see Red Sands Radio Part 10 & 11

David gets the cutting torch ready

David Foulkes ready with the acetylene torch

Justin Yardley in action

Metal work expert, designer & fabricator Justin Yardley begins the slow process of removing the sagging steel to prevent further damage to the Forts Southern Gun Tower

Dave takes 5

Still hanging on by a sliver & Dave too who takes five on the leg bracket

Ron Robin & Tony

End of work also in the party Ron Vansittart, Robin Adcroft-Banks & Tony Pine

At the time of publication April 2009 the damaged sections have been removed & new materials are being sourced for rebuilding a new lower stage

Robin Adroft Reports: "The WW2 landing stage at the Southern Gun Tower has finally given up the ghost, helped on its way by harsh winter storms"

"Maintenance crews removed several tons of debris surrounding the Tower legs in February to prevent any structural damage to the Fort"

"Now bereft of its fendering, access to the Fort has been suspended until a new system can be installed"

"The two new cable bridges scheduled for installation by The Royal Engineers in late spring 2009 is now on hold, meanwhile, engineers Tony Pine & Justin Yardley have prepared plans for the new fendering and materials have been sourced"

"BBC filming of the new bridges installation & a special Blue Peter programme will have been delayed by several months due to the fendering work"

"Completion of the new installation is expected to be early June 2009"

"Finally, two Rock Bands have offered to do fund raising performances to help with financing this costly work. More news on these events will be found on this website during April, news reports of progress at project-redsand

Red Sands Radio 2009

Red Sands Radio Logo

Whilst the Fort isn't available much of the preliminary work, including a studio & transmitter site has been secured for Red Sands Radio to be on-air from the beginning of July 2009

Updates, news & progress reports published in due course

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