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Red Sands Radio - Part 14

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Issue : 1 Dated : 6th March 2019

A flight over the Red Sands Radio catchment of North Kent Coast in photographs on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2009

Pelican Experimental G-MPAC

Your Aircraft a Pelican Experimental G-MPAC is of Canadian design & the only one of its type in the UK

Jon Leigh

Your pilot today is Jon Leigh who'd been our guest on Red Sands Radio 'Live Lunch' on the 17th July 2009 & coincidentally now lives on what was once our family farm 'Sunset Orchard'

Pelican Control Panel

Push the button firing up the 'Pelican'

Leaving the Airfield

Setting off from Clipgate airfield

Jon Leigh at controls

Jon on the stick as we leave terra firma

Canterbuty Cathedral

Passing over Canterbury Cathedral

You can clearly make out Burgate, Sun & Palace Streets with the Kings School & North Gate


The western edge of Whitstable with the Blue Anchor Caravan village at Seasalter, the Swale & Isle-of-Sheppey, the River Medway, Kingsnorth Power Station, the River Thames & Southend beyond

The Swale

Left foreground Edward Vinson Tomato Growers at 'Sandbanks' Graveney, the Swale with Faversham/Oare Creek centre

A290 Thanet Way

The A299 new Thanet Way with the Chestfield Golf Club greens above the tunnel

Tankerton, Swallecliffe & Herne Bay

Seaward side the Eastern edge of Whitstable with the Seaview Caravan Village at Swalecliffe, Hampton & Neptunes Jetty & the marooned pier head at Herne Bay & Town, West Gate & Margate beyond

Centre the London - Thanet South Eastern railway track alongside the old Thanet Way A2990, the Sainsbury's roundabout & store with Chestfield & the new Thanet Way A299 to the right

Tankerton BMX track

Seaward is Tankerton with the BMX/Roller Skate rink on the seawall, Longrock then the Seaview Caravan Village

Tankerton Bay, Herne Bay

Overview of Tankerton Bay with Long Rock & Herne Bay beyond

Tankerton Bay, Herne Bay

More detailed view of Tankerton Bay & Long Rock, St Augustine's Commercial Park centre, Chestfield & Swalecliffe station amongst the trees with the railway track & A2990 the straight road right is Maydowns Road

Swalecliffe, Hampton & Herne Bay

Swalecliffe Caravan Village bottom right, Hampton with its stub pier the remnants of Herne Bay's pier the marooned Victorian end with Neptune's Jetty at top

Windfarm, Shivering Sands, Knock John

Windfarm on the Kentish Flats with Shivering Sands Forts left & Knock John Tower in the distance

Red Sands Forts 1

The first view of Red Sands Buoy & Forts

Red Sands Forts 2

Red Sands looking North East

Red Sands Forts 3

These are the first aerial photographs showing the Red Sands Radio antenna installed in 2008

Red Sands Forts 4

Searchlight Tower right, Bofors foreground, Control centre & 3.7" Gun Towers 1 - 4

Red Sands Forts 5

Anti-clockwise Bofors Tower, Gun Tower 1, 2 (3) 3 & 4 (2) Searchlight Tower out of frame

The Red Sands Fort was used to film part of The Prodigy's - The Invaders Must Die' promotion video

Red Sands Forts 6

Reminiscent of the Radio 390 publicity photograph widely used in 1966

Red Sands Forts 7

Looking South West

Red Sands Forts 8

Overhead the Fort complex & Buoy

Red Sands Forts 9

Looking North West

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