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Red Sands Radio - Part 2a

Issue 2 : Updated : 21st February 2008

February 2008

Red Sands Radio came together almost by accident. We'd offered the Fort to all the local stations in Kent, who were at first enthusiastic to be involved

Justins Truck

The first serious supply trip out on Saturday 30th June - Hardware arrives at the Harbour on Justin Yardley's Truck

But for a variety of reasons & undoubtedly the weather, you can't expect today's DJ's to rough it can we, the stations didn't participate. On reflection they'd have only presented an hour or two from the Fort, we ended up with something much more substantial

X-Pilot approaches Whitstable

X-Pilot approaching Whitstable

Sitting down to chat things through in April, after the 3rd & final station declined. I pitched the idea that we should do it ourselves & put a proper radio station back on the Fort

X-Pilot at Whitstable Harbour

X-Pilot on East Quay, gear stacked ready to go onboard in heavy rain

That was the beginning of what was the craziest idea I've ever had. The weather was spiteful with much of the UK flooded, people homes wrecked & gales battering the shoreline of Britain

Nevertheless we'd begun

X-Pilot gear alongside

New 2 section landing stage ladder, studio desks & furniture

X-Pilot top deck

The ladder on deck & TV cabinet

X-Pilot RiB

Mandy Kewley has a puff as Big Phil Shepherd secures RiB

Balmoral at Whitstable Harbour

The Balmoral arrives as the X-Pilot prepares to leave

Phil, Justin & Mandy on X-Pilot

Big Phil with rain in his eyes, Justin & Mandy ready to slip the mooring

X-Pilot passes Balmoral

As the X-Pilot passes the Balmoral


The 2nd supply trip out on Saturday 7th July

Alan & Tony

For what was to be two intensive days labour

Press Release #4

Press Release 4 - PDF File - 7th June 2007

X-Pilot top deck scaffold tower

6 stage builders scaffold tower on top deck

X-Pilot leaves Whitstable Harbour

Leaving Harbour with the prospect of choppy seas

Skipper Alan Littlewort at X-Pilot helm

X-Pilot owner skipper Alan at the helm


Oops, a good omen?

Red Sands Fort

Still quite lumpy off Red Sands Fort, the closest Tower with open doors is the G1 Southern Gun Tower which was the first to be used for radio transmissions in both 1964 & in 2007

Army Fort Layout Plan

Plan above - The bottom Tower is the G1 Southern Gun Tower

X-Pilot off Red Sands G1 legs

X-Pilot lays off

Bofors Tower from G1 landing stage

Bofors Tower from the new Mowlem landing stage

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