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Red Sands Radio - Part 3

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Issue 2 : Updated : 21st February 2008

Thursday 12th July

The final days before the scheduled launch

X-Pilot Loaded at Whitstable Harbour

09.02 BST Tender loaded with broadcast equipment ready to leave Whitstable Harbour

Chicago & Phil Shepherd

Aerial Rigger Joe, Peter Chicago & Phil Shepherd with SB Greta in the background

Alan & Steve on Quay

Alan our Tender Skipper on the East Quay with Steve Norris of SB Greta

Red Sands Chop & Bend

Arriving at Red Sands Fort at 10.16 BST we notice both the choppy seas around the Towers & Antenna!

Getting the generators aboard on Saturday 7th July had proved to be a formidable task even in good weather

We stripped one down removing the battery, fuel tank & case before hauling it aboard

The prospect of taking a boat load of gear aboard in a heavy chop wasn't appealing

It's a bit bent

Twisted it's tilted towards the east in the prevailing westerly wind

Riggers set to work

Luckily the scaffold tower had contained the problem, which transpired to be a slipped collar that had "chattered" loose

Looking down on X-Pilot

Hours of manually hauling equipment & supplies aboard the clear decks of the X-Pilot

Robin Tony & Peter

With the wind picking up working on the antenna isn't a comforting thought & only a couple of days before we're due on air The riggers retire as Robin, Tony Pine, & Peter reflect over lunch

Radio 390 TX Hours

How it used to be; Radio 390's broadcast hours 06.30 - Midnight hand painted on the gutters of Gun Tower 4 in white paint

Press Release #7

Press Release 7 - PDF File - 18th June 2007

Robin & Bob

Meanwhile down below studio window sealing effected by Rob Ashard & the equipment is set up

Mk 2 Antenna

20.36 BST unbelievable but mission accomplished; Mark 2 Antenna re-erected with the builders scaffold removed

Deck Insulator

Base insulator grounding & lightning discharge strap

Greta through the Jocky Wheel

Nice time to see some friendly faces

SB Greta under sail SB Greta sails close by

SB Greta approaches from South East Windfarm, hails as she sails close by

SB Greta sails sets off toweards the Swale Red Sands Radio Alternative Poster

Greta makes for the Swale with Container Crane Gantries at Thames Port & Kingsnorth Power Station in background

Zac's alternative Red Sands Radio Poster depicting the North Redsand Towers Port handed channel bouy

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