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Red Sands Radio - Part 5

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You're Aboard

Part 5 of the Red Sands Radio story continues the pictorial tour around the Southern Gun Tower of the Red Sands Fort

"Flashback" some more pictures of the antenna & studio installation

Main top doors

Main doors at top floor known as the intermediate level

Robin working on antenna

Robin wrestles with a rod

Riggers 1 Riggers 2

Riggers at work

Dave Foster Mk 1 antenna

Dave Foster's first visit, Dave gave us use of his Alice Desk & studio ancillaries that Rob & he fitted

Rob Ashard

Rob Ashard on his first visit to the Fort, little did he know then he'd be 'collared' to come back

Studio windows sealed

Studio window sealing by Rob

Studio assembly

Studio assembly can begin

Desk in place Desk in place ready to run

Tested ready to roll

Mass Desertion

Almost everyone leaves


Day 3 Monday 16th July 2007 Doug Wood, Tony Christian & Ray Copeland

Visitors on x-pilot

On the first decent day of an appalling July we had visitors en 'mass

View from tender

View of the new Tower of Power from our tender

Walkway from boat

Ready to greet visitors

X-Pilot under jib

Our tender X-Pilot stands off

Gunners tool cupboard Justin sorts lashings

Ship to shore link in Gunners Tool cupboard at top of Fort before short flight of steps to roof

Justin sorting out lashing straps

Kipor generator sets

#2 Generator about to relieve #1 in the boiler room

Yacht passes close by

Yacht outward bound comes in close to hail & wave

Not to be missed an explanation to accompany this feature on CD Life Live on Red Sands Radio takes listeners on a tour around the Southern Gun Tower

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