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Red Sands Radio - Part 7

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Part 7 of the Red Sands Radio story continues with


Kevin Turner & Bob Le-Roi in main studio Transmitter rig

Main studio & the main medium wave transmiter & Optimod processer with stand-by rig on top

John & Graham

John & Graham Off Herne Bay prepare to bring out Local Press

Southern Gun Tower

Greeting visitors

Landing stage

Throw us a line

Half way up climb

Half way up the central ladder

Amy & Rupert

Whitstable Times Editor Amy Woodland & Rupert Murray journalist/photographer visit


Dave Foster & John Ross-Barnard D4 Friday 20/4 15.00-16.00 & D9 22/4 14.00-15.00 2007


Wartime & Red Sands Radio Sleeping


Salubrious lounge cum Newsroom

Reading the crimes

Chillin' Out in the lounge with the Herne Bay & Whitstable Times long known locally as the 'Crimes'

Washing on the line

I get to hang out the Tea Towels Justin Yardley watches on in amusement, talk about faking it!

Amy poses the questions Fledgling gull

Amy poses the questions & fledgling Seagull with Gun Tower 4

Bob on the balcony

Seeing off our visitors

Wave goodbye

Wave Whitstable Times goodbye

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