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Red Sands Radio - Part 9

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The 2008 season

Press Release#1 2008

Press Release #1 Tower Takes A Tumble 18th February 2008

Antenna sections on X-Pilot

4th June - Antenna sections

Essential Stores

Plus essential supplies

Press Release#2 2008

Press Release #2 ICOM Joins the Radio Revolution 6th March 2008

Big Phil cutting up cane motor

5th June - Big Phil begins the task of cutting up the redundant 1 ton crane motor assembly

Determination pays!

Scavenged for the copper motor windings the motors on many of the towers have had the mountings cut

Press Release#3 2008

Press Release #3 It's A Blast 11th May 2008

One big lump to go

A risky & dangerous process, the fall would have the reverberated through the whole Fort

Crane motor manufactures plate

Motor Manufacturers plate

Press Release#4 2008

Press Release #4 Talented Talent 19th May 2008

Motors gone!

There it isn't gone

Antenna sections on gun platform

4th June - 6th June - Antenna work

Robin prepares the antenna sections

Press Release#5 2008

Press Release #5 Baileys-Nissan 29th May 2008

Robin & mast section

Just a moments frivolity, before high winds hit the North Kent coast

These were to veer from NE to SW & back again hampering work on the mast

Ready to lift

23rd June - Vaughan, John & Lubec ready for the lift

Press Release#6 2008

Press Release #6 Tower Gets Tower 9th June 2008

A couple of mast sections up

A couple of sections up with temporary guys

Sunset across the Estuary

Evening falls as lashings are tightened

Not a halo but the antenna capacitance hat

Press Release#7 2008

Press Release #6 Mass Communicator 16th June 2008

Through the lounge window

Sunset through the Lounge/Newsroom window

Close up through the lounge window

Close up through the reinforced window pane

Press Release#8 2008

Press Release #8 Flying The Flag 25th June 2008

Running earth cabling

Robin running down an extra earth bond

Red Sands Radio Flag

Here it is the Red Sands Radio Flag

Antenna guyed & secure

24th June - Sections fitted with final guys & Gin Pole in place for lifting next section

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