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Canadian TV at Red Sands

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A two day visit by Canadian Television to Red Sands Radio on 17th & 18th September 2013

Emilie, Claudie, Tony, Tamy & Bob

1. Emilie Ricard-Harvey (Director Camera), Claudie Gravel (Production Co-ordinator) Tony Pine, Tamy Emma Pepin (Presenter) & Bob

Skipper Mick Brooks

2. Skipper Mick Brooks at the helm of 'Spartacus'

Location atmos' shots

3. Leaving Whitstable Harbour

Boy Beau

4. Boy Beau (F60) with skipper owner Jason Ryan at helm entering Whitstable Harbour

Filming from the cabin

5. Gathering atmos' shots

Tankerton Hill & Slopes

6. Tower Hill & Tankerton Slopes

Whitstable foreshore

7. Bretts Agregate Hopper dominates skyline

Spray galore

8. A speedy but wet vessel

Instrument checks

9. Mick checks the instruments; depth (fish finder) radar & plotter


10. Western edge of the Kentish Flats Windfarm with weather station to right

Shivering Sands, Cobelfret Ferry & wind turbines

11. Shivering Sands Fort Towers, Cobelfret Ferry ' Celendine' & Wind Turbines

Cobelfret Ferries : Sailing Schedule

North Park Offices, Purfleet Thames Terminal
Purfleet Deep Wharf, London Road
Purfleet, Essex,
RM19 1RP

(01708 - 891 199)

Tamy happy snapper Video Blog done

12. Caught ... 13. Tamy blogging

Mick & Tamy

14. Skipper Mick with Tamy

Red Sands Fort

15. First view; Red Sands Forts

Red Sands Fort

16. Ideal day for a visit

Red Sands Fort

17. Clearly showing catwalk ...

Red Sands Fort

18. ... & the wind turbine

Red Sands Fort

19. The seven Towers from the South East

Red Sands Fort

20. Six Towers from the South


21. Lone yachtsman

G1 & 4 Gun Towers Southern Gun Tower

22. G1 & G4 3.7 Gun Towers 23. Southern Gun Tower


24. Catwalk linking G1 & Control Tower

Red Sands Radio Antenna

25 & 26. Red Sands Radio Antenna

Control, G3 & 4 & Searchlight Towers

27. Control Tower, G2, Searchlight & G3 Towers

Bofors Gun Tower

28. Bofors Gun Tower

Catwalk & G2 & 3

27. Catwalk with Shivering Sands beyond

Catwalk detail

28. Catwalk detail

Southern Gun Tower Landing

29. Southern Gun Tower Landing Stage

CMA CGM Container Ship

30. CMA CGM Container Ship in the Oaze Channel

The French CMA CGM are the 3rd largest container transport company in the world

Red Sands Buoy

31. Red Sands Bouy marked: N - RED SAND TOWERS

Southern Gun Tower Southern Gun Tower

32 & 33. Southern Gun Tower

Southern Gun Tower

34 & 35. Southern Gun Tower close up detail

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