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Caroline & Kevin

Issue: 1 Dated: 16th December 2008

Kevin Turner came to Radio Caroline in 1986 here he shares some of his photographs from his time aboard the Radio Ship

Kevin Turner looks from studio under mast

Caroline 558 Breakfast Programme on Thursday May 21st 1987 with Kevin Turner pictured here courtesy of Albert Hood looking down from the studio window beneath the original 300 foot aerial tower


Kevin Turner on 558 Breakfast Thursday 21st May 1987 (courtesy of Albert Hood)

Tender the Bellatrix

Bellatrix arrives with supplies & a crew change

DJ's & crew on starboard side of Ross Revenge

Overseeing things Wim De Valk, Jamie King, Tom Anderson, Dave James, Mike Barrington & Kevin

Jamie King in Caroline studio

Whilst a contented Jamie King struggles on alone

Caroline Martin & cook Jenny

Caroline Martin & Jenny the cook shooting the breeze

Kevin Turner in Caroline studio

Clearly a double day shift


Arabian Sands Commercial voiced by Tommy Rivers produced by Mark Wesley

Jammie King on bridge doing news

Jamie King in the news area behind the bridge

Caroline Martin with Kevin Turner

Preparing to depart, can't work out who's consoling who as Caroline Martin enjoys Kevin's reassuring hand

Leen on his tender "Windy"

Leendert Vingerling on Windy prepares casts off

"Windy" pulls away

Bidding the Ross goodbye as he sets sail back to France

Ross Revenge full view from port side

Leaving the ship at anchor alone in the Knock Deep

Ross Revenge rear deck looking forward to mast & funnel Roos Revenge surrounded by tenders looking towards bridge

Now moved out & down to the South Falls Head
Summer weekends still brought out a fair bit of company!

Tenders alongside Ross Revenge

Three visiting boats alongside

Ross Revenge starboard view from sea of ship & twin ariel masts

Twin masts erected at sea after the big tower came down

Ross Revenge starboard side from sea looking forward

Then came the raid of 1989


Montage of Mayday Messages from the 'Ross Revenge'

Caroline studio post 1989 Dutch raid

After the Dutch & British authorities boarding during that summer there wasn't much left

Remnants of equipment for return

But enough shelled away for a comeback

Ross Revenge starboard view from sea

On low power on 819khz

Group holding lifebuoy

Keith Lewis, Steve Silby & Kevin grab a buoy during the visit

Ross Revenge stern

Around the stern then back to shore

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