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Tribute to Roy Bates

An alternative tribute from our long forgotten period archive press cuttings

Roy was proud to be branded a Pirate, Buccaneer & Eccentric Englishman

Issue: 2 Date: 1st February 2021

News of the World Header

News of the World report July/Aug 65

News of the World (July/August 1965)

Unknown report July/Aug 65

Press Cutting (July/August 1965)

Radio Wars

Press Cutting (July/August 1965)

White Flag

Press Cutting (July/August 1965)

Unknown report September 65

Press Cutting (September 1965)

Unknown report September 65

Unknown report September 65 Unknown report September 65 Unknown report September 65

Press Cutting (September 1965)

Roy & Joan Bates

Copley News (October 1965)

Radio Essex is On-Air from the Knock John Fort

Tongue Sands Radio Margate Pop Radio

Daily Mirror (5th September 1966) Daily Telegraph ( 5th September 1966)

Tongue Radio Radio Essex Summons 1

Sunday Telegraph (5th September 1966) Daily Telegraph (29th September 1966)

Radio Essex Summons 2

Daily Express (29th September 1966)

Roy Bates £100 fine

Press Cutting (1st December 1966)

Defiant Radio Essex

Daily Express (1st December 1966)

Radio Essex still on air Radio Essex appeal dismissed

Daily Telegraph (1st December 1966) Daily Telegraph (18th January 1967)

One of the few Offshore Radio people that had true grit, Roy with a small team of supporters (by then the money had run so no wages) moved the outlawed Radio Essex towards the end BBMS (Britain's Better Music Station) from the Knock

Undated Banner

Princess Joan Bates

Press Cutting (1966)

John Fort lock stock and barrel over to the Roughs Fort during Christmas 1966

Many anticipated the radio station would recommence but the old WWII Roughs Fort remained silent

Life on Roughs Tower 1

Press Cutting (1966)

Over the years since there've been moves by the authorities to buy or take back the Fort, other take over attempts and seizures

Life on Roughs Tower 2

Press Cutting (1966)

In more recent times a devestating fire left the Fort uninhabited for a number of days, but despite everything the Bates Family have hung on to their precious Fort

Radio Essex Practical Wireless Report Radio Caroline at Roughs Tower

Practical Wireless (13th January 1967) Daily Telegraph (12th April 1967)

Sealand on HMS Roughs Fort

Sealand (Undated)

Roy Bates declared the Roughs Fort the Principality of Sealand on the 2nd September 1967 as it's colours flew from a scaffold pole attached to the Southern legs 3.7mm AA Gun

Banner August 68

German prisoners 78

German prisoners report August 67

German prisoners 1978

Press Cutting (August 1978)

Roy and Joan Bates

Roy and Joan Bates

Since then a small willing caretaker crew have maintained Sealand which continues to fascinated and remained news worthy

The Principality of Sealand can hardly be described as a paradise but nevertheless it was Roy's Domain

Roy Bates 24th August 1921 - 9th October 2012

Please feel free to email your own memories, tributes and thoughts

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