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Sealand - All The W's

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Sealand Line & Tone

1. Snow time

Another chapter in the Sealand post fire series looks at the Wind Turbine, Wood Burner & Water Tanks; more superb photographs from the Chris Harrington Archive

N.B Levels referenced in Naval manner A-G then base, rather than Sealand terms A-G for North Deep (Leg) & H-N for South Deep (Leg)

Sealand approach

2. Approach from Suffolk coast

Approach from North West

3. Coming in from the North West

Sealand flag

4. Sealand Flag

Come aboard by Bonon's chair

5. Transfer on the Boson's Chair

Nerve wracking?

6. Interesting as the chair swivels but not terrifying

Almost aboard

7. Almost to deck level

Made it!

8. Made it

The Wind turbine ...

Turbine body erected

9. Turbine body fitted

Feathering the breeze

10. Feathering the breeze

Turbine blade assembled

11. Turbine blade assembly

Turbine blade fitted & locked

12. Blades fitted & locked

Turbine from Heli-Pad

5. Turbine from the roof (Heli-Pad) ...

Turbine from Southern Deck

6. ... from the Southern Deck

Fuse Box

7. Fuse Box

Consumer Unit

8. Consumer Unit

Turbine complete

9. Turbine ready for testing

Waiting on the wind Turbine initial trial

10. Waiting on the wind?
11. Initial trial

There she goes

12. There she goes

High speed run!

13. The exposed position of the Tower ...

Stress on turbine motor?

14. ... put considerable stress on the Turbine motor ...


14. ... which was modified ...

Static in high winds

15. ... and not used during high wind conditions

Turbine from Southern Deck

16. Turbine from Southern Deck

Last turn of the day

17. Last few turns of the day!

Trial over Evening falls

18. Trial over ...
19. ... as evening falls

Battery monitor panel

20. Battery condition monitor panel Deck A Generator Room ...

Accumulators in Gererator Room

21. Accumulators ...

Part of battery section

22. ... part of the battery section ...

2nd part of battery section

23. ... second part of the battery section ...

Overview of accumulators

24. ... overview of accumulators

Bus bars & battery condition meter

25. Bus bars & battery condition meter

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