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Sealand Roy's Domain

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With so many post fire & refurbishment photographs we plan to publish in sections

This sequence covers the deck house

North from West walkway

27. Looking North from West walkway

Above North leg stairs right Above North leg viewed from other side of door

28. Above North Leg stairs to right
29. Same area viewed other side of door 

North leg area door open North leg area beyond door

30. Above North leg area, door open
31. North leg Beyond  door

East side to walkway East side to walkway door open

32. East side to walkway 
33. Same view door open

East side

34. East side 

North end

35. View from North ends burnt out Generator House 

Floor detail

36. Floor detail 

West walkway

37. Along West walkway 

West side windows

38. West side replacement windows

Window detail

39. Window detail

North door

40. Replacement door North end

Steel and window detail

41. Steel & window detail

East walkway south

42. East walkway looking South

East side south

43. East side walkway looking South

East side north

44. East side walkway looking North

East side walkway looking south

45. East side walkway looking South

North end looking south

46. Overview North end looking South

North end looking south with east walkway

47. As 46 with East walkway

North end looking south along west walkway North end looking north from east side

48. North end looking South along West walkway
49. North end looking North from East side

West side door

50. New West side door North end

Interior detail West side looking north

51. Interior detail
52. West side looking North

East side detail East side detail 2

53. East side detail 1
54. East side detail 2

East walkway

55. East walkway

Ceiling detail

56. Ceiling paneling

South along west walkway

57. View from South end along West walkway North

Statistics: Over 150 litres of marine grade grey primer, 24 cans of expanding foam were used in the refurbishment of the Deck House and it took three attempts to get the replacement glazing out to Sealand

With grateful thanks to Chris Harrington for his help in producing this article


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Roy's Domain the Principality of Sealand - Roy Bates 24th August 1921 - 9th October 2012

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