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Shivering Sands 2012

A visit to Shivering Sands Fort complex off the Whitstable Herne Bay Kent Coast on 18th August 2012

Red Sands Fort through Kentish Flats Windfarm

1. Red Sands Towers through the Kentish Flats Windfarm

Tony with Southern Gun Tower

2. Shivering Sands Southern G1 Gun Tower

Both Radio Sutch/City & Invicta used the G1 Towers these were easiest to board

Tender vessels faced into the prevailing Westerly wind or East on Ebb tides

G1 & catwalk guy remnants

3. Southern Gun Tower (G1) East side with original catwalk guy wires still in place

Control, Searchlight & G3 Towers

4. Control, Searchlight, & G3 Gun Tower 

G2 leg remains

5. Remains of G2 Gun Tower leg

6. Control Tower


7. G3 Gun Tower 

Control Tower legs towards Bofors Tower

8. Control Tower legs towards Bofors Tower

Vaughn secures Offshore 1

9. Vaughn secures Offshore II

Holding lines on Control Tower

10. More lines

Beneath Control Tower

11. Beneath Control Tower

Man entry access

12. Each Fort has an access hatch for one man entry

Legs beneath hatch

13. Legs - very lettle remains of ladders ...

Winch does the work

14. ... Tony winches into hatchway

Bosun's Chair

15. Bosuns chair arrangement

Gear goes up

16. Gear taken aboard

G4 Gun Tower

17. G4 Gun Tower

More kit taken up

18. More kit winched aboard

Control Tower leg detail

19. Control Tower leg detail

Control Tower fender stays

20. Control Tower fender stays

Winch away more gear goes up

21. Yet more gear goes up

Tony returns to boat

22. Tony returns to Offshore II

Back abaord tender

23. He's back onboard

Heading West with Shivering Sands Towers behind

24. Heading West towards Red Sands as Shivering Sands falls behind

With thank to David Philips, Tony Pine & Vaughn, for their help in producing this feature

26th May 2013 - Very interesting photos Bob. What amazing structures that they should be standing at all after all these years. Cheers, Ian MacRae

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