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At Sea with Stuart Vincent

Issue: 1 Dated: 16th December 2008

Before becoming an established radio engineer ashore Herne Bay boy Stuart found himself at sea working as a radio engineer on the Ross Revenge, where he was occasionally persuaded to go on air. Later he was to venture across the Knock Deep to assist Laser 558 maintain their medium wave signal on board the MV Communicator

Mi-Amigo mast from fishing boat stern

From one of the many fishing boats pressed into service as tenders, passes the wreck & mast of the Mi-Amigo which was to remain aloft defiant to the elements until 1986 just off the Edinburgh Ship Channel in the Thames Estuary

Mi Amigo M Notice

M Notice No68 of 1986 stated

Latitude 51 34'. 95 N, Longitude 01 17' 35 E

The Wreck "MI-AMIGO", which lies sunk in the position defined above. has been marked by means of a Buoy, as follows:


Position : 320 deg about 450 feet from the wreck

Description :Can : Red

Mariners are warned to give the Wreck & Buoy a wide berth.

Mariners should note that the lattice mast of the wreck is no longer visible

by Order J R B;ackhouse secretary

Trinity House, London, EC3N 4DH - 14th August 1986 - 560/13/7

Ross Revenge stern with Zodiac

The Zeemeeuw from Belgium tendering on the port side as the dinghy lies to starboard


Stuart Vincent the Shipping Forecast Saturday 12th May 1984

Ross Revenge with tender Stuart Vincent on upper stern deck

Coming around the bows to the stern of the Zeemeeuw, Stuart greets the next tender from the guard rail on the aft deck of the Ross Revenge

Group of DJ's & crew on starboard side of Ross Revenge

Captain Bob, Andy Johnson, Glyn Richards, Nigel with newsman Jay Jackson (Howard Rose) in the foreground & Ross Revenge Captain Bob

Andy Johtone in record library Sorted show mail boxes

Andy Johnson pigeonholing the mail whilst having a Budd or two after the champaign provided by!


Newsweek Magazine, Christian Childrens Fund, then no Bell at 20.01

Dutch crew Leendert & Bob

Monique's back room boys Leendert Vingerling & Ross Revenge Captain Bob

Ross Revenge bridge

Masters chair, binnacle, & VHF radio sets on the bridge

Stuart Vincent with Paddy ships engineer

Down below at the engineers bench, Stuart with Paddy Fitzpatrick the Ross Revenge's chief engineer who sailed with the ship from Spain

Blake Williams

Formally a Laser jock, Blake Williams joined Caroline & prepares to go up the pole

Blake Williams climbs mast

50 feet up, taken from top of the bridge wheel house

Marjo with Bob

Leendert's wife Marjo with Bob

Grant Benson

Grant Benson by the fridge holding an anorak log book

Refridgeration Radio Caroline style

The famous fridge still on-board & functioning

Dave/Glyn Richards Stuart Vincent in mess room

Stuart's reaction to Dave Richard's (Glyn) last link!

Studio wing heads

Perhaps best flushed down the heads between the studio & library

Audio Break

Stuart Vincent has trouble with the Radio Caroline Bell!

MV Comunicator starboard side

Pulling alongside the Laser ship the MV Communicator

Stuart Vincent with Laser's Erin Kelly

Stuart relaxes with Laser 558 jockette Erin Kelly

Thanks to Leendert Vingerling for his help in this feature

See Stuart's VintronicsTM hand crafted 25 Watt Power Amplifier

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