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Studio Roof Conversion

Rafters from inside roof

Short of building another extension the only way was up!

Since the roof void was cavernous it was ideal to become a purpose built studio

Rafters towards rear

Water tanks some of the obstacles to work around

Raftyers & floor to side

Initial wiring & strengthening done, the first floor boards go down

Studd wall & lined roof void Studd & lining towards end elevation

Stud walls & lining complete

Insulation fitted

Rockwool & Celatex fitted

Opening roof for window

Costor & Martin make the break though for the Velux window

First coats of paint Fianl paint with roof lights turned on

First & final coats of paint

wiring connected

Studio equipment bridge

Gear goes in, a fully loaded bridge with decks retained just in case. Out of view more equipment along the side wall & underneath the bench top

Studio view towards open window

Sennheisser above PC digital work station

PC & open window

Finished studio with Velux open commanding an impressive view across the Thames estuary - Job done

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