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Studios 1 & 2 in Pictures

Studio 1 overview to desks

Studio 1 - Tandburg & Revox open reel tape machines, Goldring GL75 record deck, Alice 828s & Soundcraft mixer desks, Sennheiser Microphone

Studio 1 overview to pc

Samsung Video Logger, Pro-Line Dual CD players, Trio Monitor Amp, Sony 4 Band Tuner, Sony Mini-Disc, Mainframe PC

Studio 1 overview to tape decks

Portable colour TV with Sky Satellite Box, Collaro, Tandburg & Revox tape machines

Studio 1 overview to back-up pc

Hello Sailor, back-up PC

Studio 2 overview to desk

Studio 2 - Alice Series A desk, Audio Technica Microphone AT4033, Tower top to bottom = Trio 3010L 4 Band Off Air Tuner, Denon DMD1000 Mini-Disc, Technics HX Pro Dual Cassette Tape Deck, Gemini Dual CD Player, Sony TA-V715T Monitor Amp

Studio 2 overview to tbu

Pod = Panasonic SV3800 Pro Digital Tape Recorder, 4 channel Telephone Balance Unit, Logic 100 Internet Radio, Technics SL1210

Office bit

The office website management department!

Studio 2 Overview

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