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Susan Calvert

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Susan Calvert (Moore) visits Radio Sutch & City's home town on 18th September 2016

Shivering Sands in the mist

1. Shivering Sands Forts through the morning mist

Bob, Susan & Luc

2. Bob, Susan Calvert & Luc Dunne

Eldest daughter of Reg & Dorothy, Susan is an accomplished artist, local historian, Author & has dabbled as a Playwright

An important aspect of social history & daughter of one of Britain's first Pirate Radio operators, Susan wanted to record her families bumpy journey from humble beginnings into entertainment & 1960's infant Radio Broadcasting

Bare Bottoms & Stinging Nettles

3. Bare Bottoms & Stinging Nettles

Her 1st book 'The Enchanted Castle appeared in 1993

'Bare Bottoms & Stinging Nettles' 2005; the Village School, life & Childhood memories of Warwickshire

'I Remember Strawberries & Sewade' followed

Luc, Susan & Bob

4. Luc Dunne with Susan & Bob

Radio City boasted a trained Chef; Luc Dunne joined fresh & keen like most of the Fort crew as a young lad in 1965

Luc had qualified from the respected Thanet Catering College & joined Tom Edwards on his evening show

The Play Popcorn to Rock'n'Roll Popcorn to Rock'n'Roll

5. The Play
6. Popcorn to Rock'n'Roll
7. Clifton Hall School of Rock'n'Roll

The memories from her parents full & varied life prompted the play 'School of Rock'n'Roll - Death of A Pirate Radio'

Two books followed: in the Spring of 2014 'Popcorn to Rock'n'Roll & in May 2016 part two of the trilogy 'Clifton Hall - School of Rock'n'Roll'

Part 3 is being written & should be published by the summer of 2017

Fort artwork

8. More Artistic work

Part of the artwork on a wooden box on the grass bank by the Hampton Pier boat ramp

Susan's books are by Fillongley Publications see the Susan Moore Website

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