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Thanet Local Radio (TLR) ReUnion

1998: The Sallie for Thanet launched on 17th January at 06.00 hrs

TLR Invitation

The station had previously run a trial broadcast with a somewhat ill conceived name 'Hit FM' under a Restricted Service License (RSL)

TLR made a series of RSL transmissions from Harbour Street & Southwood Road in Ramsgate, then from the Imperial Hotel in Margate in August 1994

In June 1995 as Kent Coast Radio from London Road in Canterbury in July/August 1995

Three more RSL's were to follow from what would be it's base the Imperial Hotel

First TLR Logo

Early TLR logo

North Foreland Lighthouse

North Foreland Lighthouse

Staying at a Hotel in Broadstairs involved a 3 mile walk to the venue The Fayreness Hotel, Kingsgate

Horace Cracksman

Horace Cracksman organiser and one of the original 'Hit FM' team makes the introduction


Early TLT Jingles from off-air studio tapes C432/1 - C436/1

Pauline & Pete

Pauline MacKie with Pete Wilson respond

John & Paul

John husband of Barbara of Summit Aviation business of TLR Chairman Ken Wills with Paul Rutterford

TLR Cake

The TLR Celebration Cake

TLR Ladies

The TLR Ladies

John & Chairman Mal

Ramsgate resident & TLR listener John with Chairman Mal was on the original 'Hit FM'

Howard, Johnny & Mrs Evans

Howard Evans, Johnny Lewis & Mrs Evans

Pauline & Pete Cutting Cake

Pauline & Pete cut the cake, soon demolished

With Julie

With Julie now married & resident of Broadstairs she'd also been my News Editor at Medway FM before seeing the light & leaving the industry

Phil Lines & Barbara

Phil Lines & Barbara


Ramsgate Tourist Office

Julie & Richard

Julie with Richard 'Barton' Cave, in addition to working on his local station TLR Richard was heard on the Metro Travel Service from Centre Point London

Horace Cracksman

That wasn't bad, well done to Horace for organising the event & bringing a great number of the TLR team back together

North Foreland Road Sign

Time for the long walk home at 03.00 hours at least heading in the right direction

North Foreland Lighthouse & Tower

The lighthouse guides the stagger back to Broadstairs!

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