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Three Shires

The Three Shires CSMA Run of Sunday 3rd October 2004 continued

The BIG pictures Page 3

The collection comprises mainly military vehicles from 1920's - 1950's

With a couple of exceptions are taken & seen at displays & driven at shows across the UK & Europe

Tony Talks Big Merc's

A trio of trucks used in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

German & US utility vehicles huddled together

Gorgeous Mercedes SL Coupe & just 'cause Tony loves it

Not a bad piece of kit & appreciated 10 fold in value since purchased

Visits to the privately owned

History on Wheels Motor Museum Windsor

can be arranged for parties of a dozen or more

The covered exhibition additionally houses a Cinema, Anderson Shelter, Uniformed Mannequins, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Perambulators, Toys, Petrol Pumps, & Signs

There's ample parking, full facilities including a NAFFI Canteen

Contact curator owner Tony L Oliver


phone: 01753 862 637/833 833

mobile: 07850 381 368

fax: 0175 841 998

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