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Tribute to Ian Stroud aka Tony Mandell

'Mandy Toenails'

We're sorry to report the sudden death of Tony Mandell who began his career on Radio Essex. Here are some anecdotes & tributes from some of his Fort colleagues

Michael Bates: My parents & I were shocked to hear of the passing of Tony who I remember from my school days when visiting the Knock John. I recall he was involved in the Tongue forts adventure & was the last person from Radio Essex to stand by my father when he took over Roughs Tower now Sealand. I suppose in reality he was only a few years older than me, but in my young eyes seemed so grown up.
A very likable fellow he will be much missed

Richard Palmer: Tony was a really decent bloke, a great fun friendly person. I'll always remember his signature 'Terrelian' shorts. Much to our amusement & oblivious to comment he'd potter about the Fort with no concern for the cold, or exposing his knobbly knees & legs. We were fortunate to have Tony with us on Tongue whilst scavenging, & when we'd moved to the Roughs. Tony, one of the few to go beyond the call of duty on three Forts

Greg Bance aka Roger Scott: Tony Mandell had a warm personality, when the London Advertiser Radio Supplement came up with the slogan, that he'd created a unique bond with millions of listeners, we all fell about the place. Radio Essex' signal just about made South East Essex & North Kent. But he'd forever be the man with millions of Essex listeners!

David Sinclair: I did not get to know Tony that well, because our shifts did not coincide that often. I think he joined the Essex gang not that long before some of us went to 270, I do though remember that he was a pleasant guy who fitted in well

Andy Cadier aka Michael Cane: I actually met Tony for the first time at the 2003 Radio Essex reunion. Tony joined 222 just after I had left, however our brief discussion of those pioneering days on Knock John were full of fantastic memories

Bob Le-Roi: I myself first met Tony in the early days of Southern Television & Northdown Radio. Tony was one of the nicest people you could wish to meet, a genuine good natured sensitive man he'll be sadly missed

Tony Mandell pictured above at the Radio Essex reunion on 8th October 2003

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