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Tony Pine's 80th Birthday

30th April 2016

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Birthday Banner

1. Birthday Banner

Tony Pine one of the earliest to join the 1st Offshore Radio Fort when Radio Sutch began transmitting from the Towers

Wrapped in Red Electric Outboard Motor

2. Wrapped in Red
3. Electric Outboard for Tender

Weak transmissions were received in Whitstable by Don Witts & Eric Martin at the Record Centre, 20a Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1DD from the infant Radio Sutch

Offshore III markings Outboard Motor Plaque

4. Marked Offshore III
5. Engine Inscription

Often running short of petrol, water, milk & bread they'd heard pleas for supplies

Radio Sutch had a small generator used to charge the old Magazine Room full of old lorry batteries when the station was off-air

Offshore III

6. 'Offshore III' at Neptune's Arm, Herne Bay

The 'Offshore III' is an ex-police boat that on one occasion visited Shivering Sands

Jerry presents

7. Jerry presents ...

Tony with his wife Susan ran 'Pine's General Stores' at 15, Island Wall, Whitstable, Kent, (CT5 1EP)

Jerry's Shivering Sands drawing

8. Jerry's drawing

It was Tony that named Shivering Sands the 'Tower of Power' after the its 200' antenna mast

Limited number editions available of this & Jerry Pitcher's other Fort Drawings in the Offshore Shop

Bob, Tony, Jerry

9. Radio City people - Bob, Tony & Jerry

Friend of Don & Eric, Ex-Army Engineer Tony was invited along on the hastily arranged trip out with Fred Downs owner of the Harvester fishing boats to take out essentials to Shivering Sands

Matt & Dave

10. Matt bring in the cake Dave looks on

Tony was to partner Paul Elvey as a Mechanical Engineer, Don worked with Dick Dixon as Radio Engineers whilst Eric the South Thames Office Manager

Matt with cake Tony & cake

11. Time to blow

Cake candles blown out

12. Candles extinguished

Tony is still active & has a great passion for the beloved Forts, he was last to leave Shivering Sands in 1967 & has maintained a presence ever since

Group photograph

13. Vaughan, Jerry, Ron, Lou, Tony, Matt, Dave, Pete & Bob

Who're they? - Vaughan is a Farrier, Ron is Whitstable's own 'Lovejoy' (Antique Dealer) remember the TV series from 1986-1994? Lou a Mum, Matt runs his own I.T Consultancy, Dave is a a Drummer & Pete an Engineer

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