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"Voice of Peace"

“The Voice of Peace Memories & Abie Nathan’s Work”

by Hans Knot

1. The MV Rolf the Cito off Tel Aviv (knot21)

Brings together the fragmented tales "from somewhere in Mediterranean" & turns them into a composite publication: The history of Abie Nathan, his marriage, humanitarian work, & the principles & ideals for the Voice of Peace

Tempted to spend time on a rusty old tub off the troubled Israeli coast, many young DJ’s were eager to cut their teeth in broadcasting. Making their way to the ship, they were trapped until they fullfilled an obligation to stay from between 3-6 months, so advantage taken of their desire to be on radio. The colourful stories, anecdotes & the fears of living on a small ship as war raged all around, conditions on the ship, the strange & erratic behaviour of the boss. Covering the Voice of Peace’s conception, gaining the MV Rolf in 1969, right through until its close & the fate of the renamed Cito in 1993

2. Abie Nathan watches as the Peace ship is scuttled (knot25)

3. The MV Cito sinks stern first

Quite a few associated with the Voice of Peace have bemoaned their time on the station, but the experience held many in good stead for jobs on UK Offshore, the Irish Free Stations, & later some would even make it onto the ILR Network, & as a consequence have made a reasonable living in legal radio, even though these days it’s run by accountants & rather boring

Over 250 well-written pages, illustrated with multi-source archive material, rare & personal photographs that include pictures of the ship, shoreline, studios, engineers, DJ’s & others involved with the station

Being launched at the annual Dutch Radio Day on the 4th November 2006 it's not cheap at £25.00 (33 Euros) but it does paint a full & complete picture of the Voice of Peace, if you were there or just interested it's a must

For a copy send your order marked VoP together with payment to: SMC, PO Box 53121, 1007 RC Amsterdam, Holland

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