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Whitstable Yacht Club's Round Forts

Race 2007

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Pictures from Marine Photographer Nick Champion

Yachts battle for position

A couple of miles off Whitstable's shoreline yachts battle for position

GBR 318 Silhouette

GBR 318

James O'Leary with crew Tom O'Leary in his 30 Tornado of came in 32nd in 4 hours 41' 42"

1665 & 158

1665 & 158

David Williams with crew Roger Fermor of Whitstable came in 35th in his 16 Formula 18, he started but didn't finish

Christopher Paul Sproat with crew Georgina Burke of Stokes Bay in his 15 Spitfire came in 4th in 4 hours 21' 48"

GBR 794

GBR 794

Adam Piggott with crew Raby Jon Garcka Weston who came in 2nd in 4 hours 11' 10"

GBR 016

GBR 016 Top Dogs

The 2007 Round Forts Race results:

1st Overall F18 Capricorn James & Gillian Power RYA pictured above

2nd Overall F18 Nacra Adam Piggott & Raby Garcka Weston

3rd Overall F18 Capricorn Stuart Gummer & Ellen Forshaw Stokes Bay

1st F16 Spitfire Chris Sproat & Georgina Burke Stokes Bay

1st F20 Inter 20 Nick Elmore & Kyle Stoneham Thorpe Bay

1st Tornado Marstrom Nick Barnes & Stuart Smith Brightlingsea

1st Hurricane White Formula Steven Pimblett & Paul Moore Whitstable

1st Local F18 Hobie Tiger Toby Orpin & Toby Winchester Whitstable

"Flashback" to 2006 for some Nick Champion's pictures of yachts around the Red Sand Forts

Stephen Pimblett & Peter Moore

Stephen Pimblett with crew Peter Moore of Whitstable

97814 off Searchlight Tower 1965 by Southern Gun Tower

Outside of the Searchlight Tower & passing by the Southern Gun Tower

411 by Southern Gun Tower 440 by Southern Gun Tower

In close to the Southern Gun Tower

7700 by Searchlight Tower

Tucking in by the Searchlight Tower

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Grateful thanks to Nick Dewhirst, race organiser & Nick Champion Marine Photography for providing his startling images

Some of his pictures will appear in a future edition of Yachts & Yachting

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The sailing magazine on line Yachts & Yachting

Wreck of SS Richard Montgomery

14.57: On the way back into Queenborough passing the danger exclusions buoys of the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery

Fire & smoke plume Shoeburyness

Footnote interesting picture of a flame & smoke plume beyond the Windfarm & Shivering Sand Forts

Picture taken in 1st week of September by Ian Hagger at Reculver after a loud bang as waste ammunition & flares were being destroyed at the controversial Army test range at Shoeburyness Essex

Residents in Herne Bay & Whitstable are troubled by sometimes extremely loud explosions & shock waves, which have on occasion caused damage to homes. Despite appeals to move the site to a more remote location the ammunition disposal & testing continues

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