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In the words used on the old Wild West Posters

No price on these peoples heads but perhaps an appropriate title for long lost Offshore Radio Broadcasters & Pirates we'd like to trace

Radio Essex

Radio Essex 222 Car Sticker

1. The one & only Radio Essex Car Sticker

Vince Allen

2. Vince Allen

Brian Fenning aka Vince Allen helped Roy Bates set up Radio Essex, he'd been in the Army, run a cinema, managed a local band & staged a number of 'gigs' in Essex

He left the station for Radio 270 more commonly using the name Rusty Allen. His last known whereabouts after the MoA became law in 1967 was working for Southend Council in a capacity as Southend Pier Manager

Vince Allen delighted to see BBMS (Radio Essex) listed in the London Weekly Advertiser supplement (Roger Scott Archive)


Graham Johns

3. Graham Johns seated

Graham Johns the 'get up & go' breakfast DJ on Radio Essex became Tim Yale at Caroline South then joined Radio Scotland. It's believed he worked promoting records after the 60's Offshore period concluded

Ken Veal was involved with Radio Essex for a short time in the very early days, he worked in MoT & transport at Dunstonian Garage, Petts Wood, believe he still lives in Orpington, Kent

We've had some success here Ken reapeared in December 2011 making contact & visiting with Dick Plamer & taking a huge suitcase of memobelia





Radio City

The First Radio City Car Sticker

4. First Radio City Sticker

Johnny Evlin

5. Johnny Evlin

Johnny Evlin joined Radio City in the very early days between September 1964 & March 1965 as a technician/transmitter engineer he then disappeared without trace







Radio Caroline 1970's

Caroline 70's Album Car Sticker

5. Radio Caroline Album Car Sticker 1970's

Hi, can you help please? I am trying to contact an old friend of mine from way back in the 1970s. His name is Richard (Dick) Palmer I haven't seen Richard since about 1974 when he was living in Tonbridge in Kent and I would love to make contact. We lost track of each other back then. If you have any contact details for him, I would be so grateful if you could forward my name and email to him. I spent a couple of weeks on the Mi-Amigo with my then girlfriend - the project didn't work out but I have fond memories. Thank you. Ley Thompson (Lee)

Information passed to Dick Palmer - Ed

Radio 390

Radio 390 Car Sticker

6. Radio 390 Car Sticker

I enjoy your site for sometime now, I'm a Danger Man fanatic, in particulary the episode 'Not So Jolly Roger' filmed at Red Sands Fort which I visited in 2009

I was wondering if you knew of a singer/songwriter by the name of Rick Minas, who co-owned RayRik sound studios on Belmont Road, Chalk Farm, London during the sixties. He provided the music for the Danger Man episode and also did some work for Radio London around the time you were there. If you knew of him, it'd be good to hear

I've wrote a piece on him at Danger Man on that page you'll find most of the tracks that were used in broadcast from the Jolly Roger (Red Sands Fort) Best wishes, Matt Courtman


Knock John sketch by Alan Brown

7. Alan Brown's Knock John

Alan Brown was in the 1960's an amature artist that sketched a number of images of the Sea Forts







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