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Around Whitstable & Harbour Street in 2007 & Harbour Issues!

Issue: 1 Updated: 26th November 2007

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Pipit & Dowlais

Pipit & Dowlais on the outer West Quay by the Harbour ramp

Harbour & Yacht Club Ramps

Looking West from the Quay to the Harbour & Yacht Club ramps

The West Quay

West Quay is part commercial, yacht park & base to the Windfarm

Sunset over the bay

Some of the Countries best sunsets are seen from Whitstable

Mooring Bollards

Mooring bollards on the West Quay

Yacht Race

Yacht race underway with Seasalter & Elmley on the Isle-of-Sheppey in the background

Harbour Dolphin

The Harbour Dolphin from the end of the West Quay

Angling & Crab catching

Angling & casting for crabs on the end of the West Quay

Harbour from West Quay

Looking into Whitstable Harbour from the West Quay & the East Ballast Quay

Harbour from West to East Quay

Looking across Whitstable Harbour to Seasalter Shellfish bar & restaurant

Starvation Point

Anchor at Starvation Point opposite Whitstable Harbour West entrance where sailors in hard times gathered seeking a vessel & work

Whitstable Marine & Dinghy Store

Whitstable Marine & the Dinghy Store

Fisherman's Huts Sea Wall

Refurbished Old Fisherman's Huts on sea wall now rental holiday accommodation

Yachts prepare to race

Whitstable Yacht Club getting ready to race

The Old Stag

The Old Stag House on seawall once a pub

Nelson Inn Windows

Windows of the Nelson Inn in Harbour Street, now offices but once a popular pub

Captain's House

The Captain's House Harbour Street

Antique Shops

Antique Shops Harbour Street

Antique Shop window display

The window displays Antiquities & Curios

Whitstable Harbour 2007

Whitstable Harbour today

Olympian Homes Plan

Now three planners visions of how it might be tomorrow

Olympian Homes with architects Scott Brownrigg pitch a three storey complex with a Hotel, Retail Outlets, Shops, Cafe's Bars, Fitness Centre & Aquarium

Lee Evans Partnership proposal

Shepherd Neame with the Lee Evans Partnership have proposed a Bar Restaurant at the West Harbour entrance on the car park & Cardium Shellfish area

The Harbour 2007

The old transit shed centre clearly warrants redevelopment, but the rest needs careful consideration

Allied Land PLC Plan

Allied Land PLC & the Morgan Carn Partnership propose a 12,250 square feet Supermarket, on the Harbour Masters Office site. A new car park at the West Entrance with a restaurant above & new commercial units where the transit shed is sited. Plus four more retail units on West Quay, perhaps meaning the demolition of the Fisherman's Huts

This whole scheme is controversial to those that live & work in the Harbour & town

Hands off Harbour Poster

Coincidentally the reported closure of Whitstable Market, held each Thursday has revealed a long term plan to re-open the Gorral Tank

Beneath the car park there's a reservoir for rain water drainage from the Downs which is pumped into the harbour under the main road

This might become a Marina, with Lock Gates & lifting/swinging bridge to open to give pleasure craft access to the harbour

There's potential in some of the ideas but local people have made their views plain & are not happy with the current proposals

Whilst most people don't like change the fear is that the current plans could destroy the character of Whitstable Harbour & its appeal forever

Have your say before it's too late, make your feelings known at West Whelks, Cardium Shellfish at Whitstable Harbour

November 2007 - With 17,000 opposed to the schemes to redevelop Whitstable’s South Quay protesters & Harbour Watch have won a moral victory. 56% didn’t want any of the schemes. 97% opposed the Allied Land proposal & 90% were highly critical of the Olympian Plan. But it’s back to the drawing board for the Council who say a solution must be found to redevelop the site & raise income for the Harbour

Whitstable Chamber of Commerce Logo

With grateful thanks to Glen Baldock & also Sandy for providing Photographs for this feature

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