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Whitstable Classic Music & Motors 2014

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Copy free feature on the Classic Music & Motor Show held on Tankerton slopes on 7th August 2014

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Whitstable Bay

1. Whitstable Bay

A mixture of sunshine & showers forcast?

Tankerton 'The Street'

2. Looking overcast across 'The Street'

Kitesurfing & Red Sands Radio Fort

3. Kitesurfing with Red Sands Radio Fort

Essex coast & Kentish Flats Wind Farm's weather mast beyond


4. Kitesurfer

Red Sands Radio - Nissan Leaf

5. Red Sands Radio - Nissan-Leaf


Red Sands Radio - Nissan Leaf home charging

6. Nissan-Leaf Home Charging

Red Sands Radio - Nissan Leaf engine compartment

7. Nissan-Leaf (Engine) Motor Bay

MG Midget

8. 1963 MG Midget

Midget & Sprite Club

Jaguar XK120 1973 Fibreglass

9. Jaguar XK120

Not a genuine car built in 1973 with fibreglass body

Jaguar XK120 original

10. Jaguar XK120

3442cc Genuine 1954 Jag'

Jaguar Owners Club : Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

Rain shower

11. Here come the rain

Rain shower getting heavier

12. Heavy too!

As long as the car stays dry

13. Protecting his Cobra 427 S/C pride & joy from the elements

N.B Crowds all but disappeared returning on mass once the rain had cleared

Vauxhall VX 220

14. 2002 Vauxhall VX 220

Vauxhall VX 220 Owners Club

Ford Transit Van MK1

15. 1974 Ford Transit Mk 1

Transit Van Club : Transit Van Owners Club

Grills - MG C, Morgan, Singer, Triumph & Ford

16. Grills - MG C, Morgan, Singer, Triumph Stag, Ford

Morris Minor Traveller

17. Whitstable Coast Watch guys with their 1971 Morris Minor Traveller

Morris Minor Club

1950's Austin A40's

18. Pair of nicely turned out 1950's Austin A40 Somersets

Austin Counties Car Club caters for all serepare chassis Austins

Ford Corsair MK1

19. Mk1 1965 Ford Corsair 1498cc model

Ford Corsair Owners Club

Busy day despite the rain

20. Looking East towards Hampton & Herne Bay

Motorcycle corner 1 Motorcycle corner 2

21 & 22. A good few Motorcycles attending

Winged Viking Radiator Cap

23. Rover P4 Winged Viking Radiator Cap

Citroen 2CV's

24. Citroen 2CV Club


25. A line of Kit Morgan look-alikes

Gentlemen it's a Morris

26. Gentlemen discussing Morris


27. Alvis 12/50 TJ just 622 produced between 1931-1932

Alvis Owners Club


28. A few Fords

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