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Radio Atlantis - Part 2

Radio Atlantis Car Sticker

Continuing the story of Pop Radio for Real Radio people

Issue : 4 Dated: 27th March 2019

Radio Atlantis QSL Card

Radio Atlantis QSL Card (1974)

Spanning 13 short months, 10 of which were from their own ship the former Radio Condor vessel Emma, the Radio Atlantis era came to an end on the 1st September 1974

Mv Jeanine

Radio Atlantis ship the "Jeanine"

Atlantis Crew

Radio Atlantis ?, Lynda & Any Anderson,. Steve England, John Harding behind and Dave Rogers

Vlissingen Harbour

Overview of Vlissingen Harbour

Picking up many fans across the Benelux Countries and in the Home Counties of England, Radio Atlantis would be sadly missed


Studio recording of Steve England from August 1974 and an off-air closedown message

Jeanine & her tender En Rust Jeanine

The "Jeanine" with her tender "On Rust" being towed into Vlissingen on Sunday 1st of September by the tug "Deurloo"

Unheard of before, Steve England aired the entire Radio Atlantis Jingle Package for the sake of enthusiasts, collectors and supporters during his last three programmes

Jeanine Jeanine Radio Crew on Bridge Wing

Arriving at 10am the ship comes alongside at Vlissingen

With the final days programmes over it was a reception of mixed emotions

Jeanine Jeanine

Over-painted 227 the ships funnel with the final 312 frequency

Steve behind Debbie England in blue blouse Lynda Anderson and& Fonnie in black Dave Rogers waving then Derek Jones & Dave Owen on the rail and Andy Anderson

Towed in to the strains of the Radio Atlantis theme put out through PA loudspeakers on deck the atmosphere was electric

Close up Radio Crew on Port Bridge Wing On Deck from Jeanine to En Rust

On-board Steve and Debbie England, Andy & Lynda Anderson, then Derek Jones huddle on the port bridge wing

With more than a 1000 well wishers from across Europe waiting on the quay to greet the ship

From En Rust to Jeanine Andy Anderson Leaves Ship

Final gathering on the deck of "Jeanine"

A quirky spirited little station Radio Atlantis was reminiscent of Radio City a decade earlier

Lynda Debbie & Andy Steve England

Moored fast the Lynda, Debbie, Andy, and Steve go ashore

Sealed the ship was offered for sale initially at £40,000

Andy Anderson & John Harding

Afro mop top Andy Anderson takes spare parts ashore as John Harding with camera looks on

The fully equipped ship failed to attract interest

Jeanine Lynda Anderson & Debbie England

Lynda and Debbie leave the ship for the last time

Impounded with a writ nailed to the mast over unpaid transmitter fees, with no payment forthcoming the matter quietly dropped

DJ's off to meet the fans DJ's off to meet the fans

DJ's & crew off to meet the fans

Then it looked as though the ship would be purchased for £20,000, the sale fell through and the price was dropped to £6,000 even then the bid fell through

A wet Steve England

Steve England after a soaking from a sudden deluge on the parade ashore

Steve England sign autograph

Steve England signs an autograph

Radio Atlantis though refused to be silenced and was heard broadcasting on land in Belgian to the cost of Adriaan van Landschoot, Roger Hendricx, Tony Houston, and Marc van Pelegen who were fined and given suspended prison sentences

Jeanine moored at quayside Final view of Jeanine

Meanwhile the "Jeanine" lies silent in dock

Jeanine Scrapped

"Jeanine" scrapped

Pictured at ship breakers V.D Marel Shipbrokery Scrapyard in Ouwekerk, Zeeland the same company that had broken the MV 'Caroline' ('Fredericia') in 1972

Trip Vessels

Trip Tender Vessels "Tender" & "Senior"

Ultimately the 'Jeanine' was cut up for scrap

The story that Atlantis would return was supported by the boarding of the old Gunfleet Lighthouse off the Essex coast in mid-September

Abandoned since the 1920's it had been pillaged for scrap and was in a dreadful state

The structure was generally made ready for broadcasting, floors were reinforced for generators, and an American 10 kW Collins transmitter

Even though outside the territorial limit Gunfleet had been built by Trinity House and fell within the control of the Port of London Authority, so it wasn't surprising that on the 19th December 1974 the Lighthouse was visited

British Government Home Office Officials, Essex Police with a representative of Trinity House boarded to reclaim Gunfleet

The would be Pirates were taken ashore and their equipment impounded

There's a picture and more on the Gunfleet Lighthouse in Fort Fax

The Offshore Radio Atlantis Story was produced some years later in documentary form

In the 1980's several new land based stations appeared, in the Medway/Gravesham area Radio Atlantis was heard


This incarnation included several people who later joined local ILR including Steve England who'd go on to set up Alfatapetrix later Alfasound

Tony Hawkins

Tony Hawkins narrator of The Radio Atlantis Story

06/09/07 - I could not believe my eyes today. I bumped into your Radio Atlantis website feature and am completely amazed by the coincidental events. I am the Station Manager at a community radio station in Cape Town South Africa-Radio called Atlantis 107.9fm. We went on air on the 1st September 1995 the day your Radio Atlantis went off air! Rachel Visser - Radio Atlantis

Grateful thanks to Steve England and Terry Vacani for their help in producing this feature

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