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Big L in 1997

Update: 23rd January 2009 Issue: 1

The first commemorative broadcast of the 60's station that closed exactly 30 years earlier on the 14th August 1967

Big L original 266 sticker


The Radio London (Big L) Jocks of the 1960's, how many can you name?

Alan Trainer loads Copper Antenna Ground

Alan Trainer passes coil of copper for antenna ground

Skipper Phil Payne at helm of Yeoman Rose

Skipper Phil Payne takes the Yeoman to her mooring off Clacton

Yeoman Rose stern

Big L '97 came from a small coaster the "Yeoman Rose" moored off the Clacton Essex coast

Murray Tug Logo

She was chartered from Nick Murray of N E Murray Tugs (Nore Maritime) Marine Contractors based at Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent

Murray Tug Nore Comodore

The Murray Tug Nore Commodore

Murray Tug Nore Comodore Bow

On station in Newhaven East Sussex

To see more of the Nore Commodore see Afloat

Yeoman Rose Stern

The Yeoman Rose anchored a respectable mile from the seaward end of Walton pier, & provided the many former offshore DJ's a taste of the conditions they once lived & worked in & how music led personality radio could sound today

Tender Lady Gwen

Our tender the Lady Gwen

Yeoman Rose off Clacton

Big L '97 off Clacton Pier

Alongside Yeoman Rose

A recreation of the original ships logo on the ships port side, in addition to the main sponsors "Canon" branding on the bow

Crew John with lines

Crew member John standing by with lines to secure the tender

Ray Anderson & Mark Roman

It's all his fault, Ray Anderson takes the blame from Mark Roman

Mark Roman Logo

Caravan roof in hold from deck

Looking down into the hold, to see the roofs of our luxury accommodation modules

Caravans in hold

The caravans provided adequate but basic accommodation

Caravans in hold close-up

Nearest module also housed the transmitter


Close up of the rig

John Kenning

Well it gave John Kenning something to smile about

For more of Solid Gold John Kenning navigate from Radio Sovereign

Chris Baird in Big L '97 studio

Chris Baird selects a jingle cart

Engineer Les at transmitter

Our engineer Les tweaks the Oxo Tin

Captain Pete starts main engine

Captain Pete starts the main engine

Yeoman Rose underway

We're underway further inshore following a gale warning, other than the Oceaan 7 (Radio 270) who serviced herself, no other offshore ship re-entered Territorial waters as a matter of course during the offshore period

Captain Pete & Mark Roman on bridge

Pete at the wheel with Mark

Yeoman Rose underway from deck

Steaming towards Harwich the ship was to moor in the backwaters for more than a week whilst the weather abated

Yeoman Rose anchored in backwater

Out of the way the Yeoman Rose at anchor in secluded waters

Kevin Turner & Bob Le-Roi

Don't even mention the tie, instead of being stuck on a sandbank I should have been greeting my new team of presenters elsewhere! Thanks to Kevin Turner above left who also provided pictures for this feature

For more of Kevin Turner see Caroline & Radio Sovereign

Some of the Big L team

Alan Trainer, Mark Roman, Kevin Turner, John Kenning, Chris Baird, Steve Silby & Paul the cook. Just some of the crew that made the broadcast authentic & memorable

Captain Pete & crew John on deck

Cast-off captain Peter & Crew member John bid visitors farewell

Yeoman Rose from port bow

Leaving the Yoeman Rose at its mooring in the back waters

Yeoman arrives back in Queenborough

Yeoman Rose arrives back at her mooring off just off the River Medway in the Swale at Queenborough, Isle-of-Sheppey, Kent

Yeoman picks up a buoy by Ross Revenge

She appraches the Ross Revenge to pick up fore & aft buoys

Ross Revenge & Yeoman Rose

Secure the ships in centre of the Swale

I especially enjoyed the BIG L 97 and RNI 99 scapbooks which brought back recent good time memories on board that now seen so long ago as we continue on our journey to oblivion. Best regards - Chris Baird

Wondeful mate and on 266 mmw - Grant

Grateful thanks to Lin & Nick Murray for the extra pictures of the Yeoman Rose

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