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Caroline in 1983 & 4

The Ross Revenge in the Knock Deep

Issue : 1 Updated : 15th February 2010

Tongue light vessel LV13

Out to the Knock Deep past the last manned light vessel at Tongue this is LV13 the 3rd lightship from the Philip & Son yard in 1952. She was sold in 1991 & is now a bar restaurant with accomodation in Hamburg

LV13 stayed at Tongue until LV1 returned from refit more detail of which can be seen in Eurosiege

For LV18 the last manned Trinity House light ship navigate from RNI 1999

13/02/10 - Just wondered if you would know where the fog horn would have sounded from in the 1980's when I lived and grew up on the coast at Birchington. It was a long low mournful two tone moan, but in a strange way it was quite comforting as it sounded. Also do you know of any recordings of the fog horns from around the kent coast? Any ideas, many thanks & I hope to hear from you soon
Steve McPherson

15/02/10 - The sound you heard was from the old Tongue Light Vessel the noise was very spooky & up close piercing. I've not traced any Kent Coast recordings but you can listen here to some noises of similar Fog Horns

Hope this helpful - ED


An audio montage of Radio Caroline Jingles

Tongue Fort

Tongue Tower had been abandoned by the MoD in 1947 it's caretaker crew being taken off as parts of the fort fell into the sea

Over the year the years scavengers removed many fittings

In 1966 a visiting team from Radio Essex at Knock John alerted Margate Lifeboat with billowing black smoke from burning cable insulation to retrieve the copper

They were told those on-board represented the fictitious Radio Albatross, questions were asked in the House of Commons

Tongue was to finally succumb to the elements over the night of 21/22nd February 1996 when a force 11 storm finally toppled the buckled southern leg taking the top house with it away all that remains today is 6 meters of the northern leg

To find out more on the Thames Eastuary Forts navigate from Fort Fax

Ross Revenge port side

Caroline hardly came back with a bang, a dissappointing return as audio below demonstrates


Final Test Announcement by Tom Anderson at 12.00 on 20th August 1983

Ross Revenge & Tender

Tender the Henrietta alongside with Graham on the bows

Ross Revenge mast perspective

Mast perspectives from port side

Ross Revenge mast Ross Revenge mast base

From starboard side

Ross Revenge fore peak

Fore peak

Ross Revenge main anchor chain

Main anchor chain

Mike Barrington & Bob Le-Roi

With Mike Barrington watching Seahorse depart


She could move when needed!

Raffles Ad Roberts

And another old sea dog Ad Roberts live on deck on Monique

Top of 50kw transmitter

Top of 50K "Glowing" to the sound of a 319


Dawn Valley an early sponsor of 1980's Caroline

Thru deck arial feed insulator

Thru deck insulator

Nick Richards with Adrian crew

Little Nick Richards reads fresh mail with crew member Adrian

10kw open front of transmitter

Doors open at front of the 10 Kw transmitter

Delroy & tender skipper Graham

Delroy casts with tender skipper Graham

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