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Issue: 1 Updated: 4th May 2011

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Tender visits by the Whitstable Navy to Radio Caroline's 'Ross Revenge' at The South Falls Head in the ships last few months at sea


Ross revenge portside perspective

1. Portside Bow perspective of Ross Revenge

Ross revenge portside

2. Portside of Ross Revenge

Ross revenge bow 1 Ross revenge bow 2

3. Ross Revenge Bow 1
4. Ross Revenge Bow 2

Ross revenge approaching stern Ross revenge stern full view

5. Approaching Stern
6. Getting ready to raft up

Ships fitting Deck petrol generator

7. Ships fitting

8. Ross Deck walkway generator *

* Donations provided funds for a small petrol generator for basic lighting

Ross revenge lee of ship Ross revenge bow profile

9. Coming round into the lee of ship (sheltered side)
10 . Bow profile as Whitstable Navy vessel goes astern of the ship

Olau Britania & Ross Revenge

11. Olau Britannia returning to Sheerness from the Hook of Holland

.Starboard MAN Generator

12. Starboard M.A.N generator

Centre MAN Generator

13. Centre M.A.N generator

Starboard side of Ross Revenge

14. Looks can be deceptive a little choppy

Starboard side of Ross Revenge looking aft

15. Note the swell

Starboard side of Ross Revenge close up

16. The trick is to get into lee side as quickly as possible (sheltered)

Starboard bow Ross Revenge

17. Note the 'white horses'

Starboard stern Ross Revenge

18. Starboard side stern

Starboard side Ross Revenge full view

19. Starboard side

Pulling away from ross reveng

20. Pulling away from the ship ...

Portside of ross revenge

21. ... on a grey murky day


A brighter day with calm seas

22. Starboard side 1

23. Starboard side 2

24. Starboard side 3

25. Starboard side 4

Caretaker crew

26. Caretaker crew: Ricky Jones, Tracy Jones, Christian Colby, Steve Conway, Neil Gates

27. Olau Britannia out of Sheerness en route for Holland

28. Happy snapper get a shot of the tender

29. Leaving the ship

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