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Tender visits by the Whitstable Navy to a silent Radio Caroline before loosing her anchor & grounding on the Goodwin Sands during the night of 19th November 1991


Ross revenge & fairwind

30. 'Our Sarah Jane' making the turn to come alongside the Radio Ship

Stern of ross revenge

31. Stern of Ross Revenge

Starboard side deck looking forward

32. Starboard side deck to fore peak

Fore peak anchor controls

33. Fore peak anchor control

Fore peak anchor chain

34. Fore peak anchor chain looking aft

Last anchor chain

35. The last anchor that had come out Holland

Captain Graham unloaded an anchor chain that had come to Whitstable by truck, this was going to be taken out on the 'Masai Warrior' but was never transported as the vessel was awasy for refit in Essex

Strarboard side deck

36. Starboard side deck looking aft

Strarboard side walkway

37. Starboard side deck walkway

Strarboard side to wing door

38. Starboard side to wing door

Antenna deck insulator

39. Antenna deck insulator

Lister Petter generator

40. Lister Petter Generator set in the engine room

Ross revenge portside

41. MV Ross Revenge Portside

Ross revenge silhouette

42. Silhouette

Ross revenge portside perspective

43. For once it's smooth sailing


Lister Petter generator on Maasai Warrior

44. Lister Petter Generator on the 'Masai Warrior'

Maasai Warrior leaves Whitstable Harbour

45. 'Masai Warrior' leaves Whitstable Harbour

Ross revenge in haze

46. The Ross Revenge appears out of the haze

Ross revenge stern view

47. Surreal oil painting effect

Ross revenge starboard side bow

48. Ross Revenge starboard side bow

Lister Petter alternator being lifted aboard

49. Captain Graham left as the Lister Petter alternator is lifted

Lister Petter alternator come over the side

50. Lister Petter alternator section comes over the side

Lister Petter lifted from Maasai Warrior

51. Main body of Lister Petter generator

Lister Petter aboard ross revenge

52. Lister Petter aboard

Stern portside view of ross revenge

53. Leaving the ship ...

The ships stern freeboard illustrates how low she was of fuel & water

Starboard side view of ross revenge

54. ...the 'Maasai Warrior' heads for home

With thanks to Captain Graham & Paul Balls for their contributions to this feature

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