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Caroline Impounded

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Issue : 1 Upadted : 1st April 2009

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More pages from the comprehensive Martin Stevens archive, with a sequence of photographs from 1972 when the Mi-Amigo was impounded in Amsterdam Harbour

We welcome your help & input to this feature, memories, names, facts & figures to help fill in the gaps & accompany some of the never before published pictures

HKS Hospital Ship

1. HKS Hospital Ship Amsterdam Harbour

Paul in Suffolk says this is the Radio Rock Ship 'Timor Challenger'

In December 1972 the station announced it was closing down for a short period Captain van der Kamp on the tender Eurotrip cut the anchor & towed the Mi-Amigo into Ijmulden

Permission was refused to enter the port & Dutch Police boarded the ship to inspect her papers & found her unregistered

The Eurotrip guaranteed harbour dues so the Mi-amigo was allowed into the port to moor at Amsterdam

Mi-Amigo & Coaster

2. The Mi-Amigo in Amsterdam inner harbour with a small Dutch Coaster rafted up alongside

Mi-Amigo Port Stern

3. Mi-Amigo Port Stern

Mi-Amigo Port Starbourd Bow

4. Mi-Amigo Starboard Bow

The Dutch Radio Control Service boarded along with the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate & since the transmitter was incomplete couldn't sieze the vessel but the Scheepvaartinspectie declared the ship unseaworthy detaining her until repairs were completed

Mi-Amigo Starbourd Bow close up

5. Mi-Amigo Starboard Bow close up

Mi-Amigo Foredeck Mi-Amigo Foredeck

6. Mi-Amigo foredeck views with lightweight lattice antenna mast


7. Peter Chicago takes a break

Dutch Harbour Police Launch

8. Dutch Harbour Police Boat

Despite claims by Ronan O’Rahilly that the ship had been ‘pirated’ at sea Haarlem District Court ignored his suggestion & granted an injunction in favour of Captain van der Kamp & his crew by ordering the ship be impounded

Dutch Harbour Police Launch comes alongside

9. Dutch Harbour Police Boat comes alongside

Dutch Harbour Police come aboard

10. Dutch Harbour Police about to board Mi-Amigo

Dutch Harbour Police Boat moored alongside

11. Dutch Harbour Police Boat

Mi-Amigo Aft Deck

12. Mi-Amigo Stern Deck

Steve England & Chrispian St John on Deck

13. Robb Eden, Steve England & Leon Keezer on Deck

Harbour Police Official

14. Harbour Police Official

Mi-Amigo Wheel House

15. Mi-Amigo Wheel House

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