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Caroline Impounded

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Mi-Amigo Aft Deck

16. Mi-Amigo aft deck

Mi-Amigo Wheel House

17. Mi-Amigo Wheel House

Mi-Amigo Galley

18. Mi-Amigo Galley

Andy Archer Andy Archer

19. 20. Andy Archer

Mi-Amigo 70's studio

21. The 1970's studio

Martin Stevens tries studio

22. Photo Journalist Martin Stevens gets to play with the studio

Mi-Amigo 60's studio

23. The Mi-Amigo 1960's studio

Martin Stevens

24. Martin Stevens

25. Staff from Caroline Zeedijk Office aboard sorting mail

Record Library

26. Record Library

Transmitter Hold

27. Chicago in the Transmitter hold, the plastic bags on top of Continental Electronics Transmitter to catch ingress of water from deck

Continental Electronics TX

28. Continental Electronics Transmitter

Peter Chicago

28. Peter Chicago

Tony Allan, Chrispian St John, ? Martin Stevens

30. Tony Allan, Chrispian St John, ? Martin Stevens

Mi-Amigo foredeck

31. Foredeck from Bridge

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