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  A - Z of the Caroline Roll Call

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Letter E

Ronald Bakker, Gerard Van Dam, Lindert Vingerling

Ronald Bakker, Gerard Van Dam, Lindert Vingerling & Peter Chicago in the Ross Revenge Mess/Lounge in 1983

Eddie the Cook - 80's Caroline (R) 1989

Robb Eden - 70's Caroline (M) 1972

Caroline Earth & Fire Card

Pat Edison - Ross Revenge Supporters Group, Satellite/Internet from 2001

Was at Radio Jackie, then Radio Kaleidoscope joined Caroline in 2001

Dave Edmunds

Tom Edwards 1966

'Tatty' Tom Edwards Radio City publicity photograph 1966

Video Clip : Tom Edwards on Radio Caroline South

Tom Edwards - South (M) 1967

Nigel Elgins

Chris Elliot

Dave Ellis - 80's Caroline (R) 20th January - 23rd February 1987

Ross Revenge off Bradwell

The Ross Revenge off Bradwell for an RSL (Restricted Service Licence) Broadcast between 10th December 1994 & 6th January 1995

Rene Van Elst

Andy the Engineer

Christopher England/Brad Glastonbury Jnr - 70's Caroline (M) Info' line & background work 80's Caroline (R) 558 & Overdrive until April 1989

Debbie England

Debbie England on the Mi-Amigo 1973

Alfasound Letter Head

Debbie England - 70's Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Steve England

Steve England on the Mi-Amigo 1972

Steve England - 70's Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

From the Mi-Amigo Steve joined Adriaan Van Lanschoot working like a trojan Steve & a dedicated team launched Radio Atlantis in December 1973 by the new year branding itself 'Music Radio '74' reminiscent of Radio City seven years earlier the station picked up a loyal listenership but seldom was mentioned in the Media

Steve joined Piccadilly Sound but soon found a new niche, by his own admission a 'Jingle Fanatic' Steve had made the cut-up Atlantis Jingles, produced the original Dutch Radio Mi-Amigo Jingles before setting up Alfasound

He now works alongside his wife Barbara & son Simon running the S2Blue Studio producing jingles for radio world wide

Alfa Jam Promotion

Steve Essex

Stevie Essex - 80's Caroline (R) Two weeks in August 1986

Fredericia off Ramsey being supplied

Tender 'Essex Girl' supplies Caroline North (Take 2 Archive)

Ken Evans - Caroline House, Head of Music Programming 1964 - 1967

Martin Eve - 80's Caroline (R) Captain 1983

Mi-Amigo starboard side in the late 1970's

Starboard side of the Mi-Amigo in the late 1970's

Barry Everett - 70's Caroline as Radio Seagull (M) 1973

Mi-Amigo top house in the late 1970's

Mi-Amigo in the late 1970's

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