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A - Z of the Caroline Roll Call

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Letter F

MV Caroline/Fredericia

The first ship the MV Caroline formerly the Fredericia in Ramsey Bay in 1966

Mike Fabricant - Undated & Unconfirmed

The Conservative MP for Lichfield Michael Fabricant was quoted in The Guardian quoted on Friday 9th October 2009

"Mickey was not only briefly a DJ in the Brighton and Hove area (Radio Brighton - Ed) but also worked as a platter-spinner on the pirate station Radio Caroline. He did a two-week stint, just an hour a day, and he said it was extremely boring. For the other 23 hours there was nothing to do except sleep and revise for his A-levels. He said it was as unlike the film The Boat That Rocked as it is possible to imagine"

Charley Farley

Mi-Amigo Radio Seagull

MV Mi-Amigo in 1973 home to Radio Sealgull (Hans Knot Archive)

John Farlow - 70's Caroline as Radio Seagull (M) 1973

Tender leaves Ross Revenge

Tender departs the Ross Revenge undated

Dave Fisher see Dave the Fish aka Dave Turner

Jacob Fisher

Martin Fisher - 70's Caroline (M) Radio Engineer/DJ 1977, Satellite/Internet from 1999

Joined the Mi-Amigo in 1977 as Radio Engineer making the switch from 259 to 319 was also heard on-air

J C Focke - Director Offshore Tender & Supply Company, Baan, Holland (F) (M) 1964 - 1968

Gavin Ford - 90's Caroline (R) November 1989 - January 1990

John Ford, Mike Barrington

John Ford & Mike Barrington Ross Revenge Mess/Lounge 1985

John Ford - 80's Caroline (R) August 1985 - January 1986

David Forster

Dave Foster

Dave Foster (Steve Szimtd Archive)

Dave Foster - 80's Caroline (R) April - May 1987, Satellite/Internet from 1999

Began in Hospital Radio in his home town of Dartford on Radio Dart. Joined the Ross in 1987 and helped set-up Satellite sevice

Mi-Amigo in rough seas

Mi-Amigo dancing on the North Sea in the 1970's

Ed Foster - 70's Caroline

Keith Francis - 80's Caroline (R) August 1987

Neil Francis

Neil Francis in the Caroline studio Ross Revenge 1985

Neil Francis - 80's Caroline (R) May 1985

Ronan, Jerry Wright, Kim Frazier & Tony Kirk

Ronan with Jerry Wright, Kim Frazier & Tony Kirk at Boston Manor Hotel, Boston Road, Ealing, London (Kim Frazier)

Kim Frazier - 90's Caroline (R) October 1990 introduced to Caroline by Tony Kirk

Generator Bradwell

The generator used on the Bradwell RSL between 10th December 1994 & 6th January 1995

Chris Frisco - 90's Caroline (R) March 1990

Mi-Amigo in 1978

The Mi-Amigo in 1978

Dick From - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Gerard Frow - Commercial Copy Writer, Caroline House (F) (M) later News Reader (M) 1967

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