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Letter G

Group picture Ross Revenge mess/lounge

John Ford, Jan Veldkamp, Walter Simmons, Lindert Vingerling, Gert, Mike Barrington, David Andrews, Johnny Lewis & Ad Roberts in the mess/lounge Ross Revenge September 1985

George Gale - Ship to Shore Link (F) 1964 - 1967

MV Fredericia in 1964

MV Fredericia the MV Caroline in 1964

Roger Gale - North (F) later South (M) 1964 - 1965

Clive Garrard - Satellite from 2002

Worked with Hastings Rock & several Hospital stations did a brief spell on Sovereign Radio in Eastbourne

Emile Garreth

Tony Garreth - 80's Caroline (R) August 1983

Caroline 1548

Bradwell RSL between 10th December 1994 & 6th January 1995

Mike Garry

Dave Richards, Nigel Harris, John & Jenny Knight & Neil Gates

Thanet Caroline Movement's 30th Birthday Party with Dave Richards, Nigel Harris, Jenny & John Knight & Neil Gates - 1st April 1989

Neil Gates - 80's/90's Caroline (R) June 1988 - November 1991 (See Christian Colby for group picture)

Mickey Gee see Terry Read

MV Mi-Amigo

The Mi-Amigo

Stevie Gee - South (M) 1967

Pierre Van Gent - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Tommy "Senior Anorak" Gerrard - Painter, engine room water pipes repairs 1997 - 2003, Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2005

Graham Gill

Graham Gill on the Mi-Amigo in 1972

Graham Gill - 70's Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

John Gilman - North/South (F/M) Caroline House based EX-BBC Engineer died in 1971, also looked after studios from 1964 - 1965

Martin Gips - North (F) Captain Fredericia - 1966

Bill Glendinning - (F) Radio engineer believed to have died in the 1970's - 1964

Ray Glennister - South (M) Radio Engineer

Caroline North Rosta

Caroline North Rosta (Bob Read Archive)

B Golborne (F) Caroline North Radio Engineer - 1967

Denise Goldfinch - Caroline House, Caroline Club 1964 - 1967

Caroline South formerly Radio Nord

Caroline South on the ex-Radio Nord Ship

Eugene Gomeche - Caroline House, Accountant 1964 - 1967

Toni Gomeeche - Caroline House, Allan Craford's Secretary 1964 - 1967

Jimmy Gordon

Jim Gordon from DJ photocard

Jim/Jimmy Gordon - North (F) was to join BBC Radio One 1966 - 1967

Stevie Gordon Card

Stevie Gordon 1976 - 1977, 1978 - 1980

Stevie had previously been on the Voice of Peace, his was the last voice heard on Caroline as the Mi-Amigo sank. He moved to Norway to live in Oslo & for a time was heard on on NRK

Mi Amigo Wreck

Mi-Amigo Wreck

Dave Gotz

Barry Goldbourne - North/South (F/M) Radio engineer killed in a car rash shortly after leaving Fredericia 1967

Herman De Graaf - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Paul Graham

Paul Graham

Paul Graham - 80's Caroline (R) June 1987, March 1988

Michael Grant

Trevor Grantham - North/South (F/M) Radio engineer 1966 - 1967

Caroline propoganda hand out

David Gregory

Mike Griffin

Marc Griffiths - Satellite/Internet from 2003

Former Hospital Radio DJ at Darenth valley

Hugo De Groot

Programme Spot Log 1

Programme Spot Log 2

Caroline North routine task sheet

Jerry Grover - North (F) Panel Operator in the early days before the jocks went self-op, log above with his initials against spots played 1964 - 1965

Jan Gunnarsson - North (F) Swedish Radio Engineer formerly from Radio Nord

Jan Gunnarsson, worked under leadership of Ove Sjöström when he arrived at Greenore he realised there was much work to do and asked Jan Gunnarsson to come over to help instal the transmitter and studio equipment onboard the ship MV Caroline/Fredericia. Both were very experienced staying after the start of the station, Jan Gunnarsson left first - Hakan Widenstedt, Sweden

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