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Radio City Tower of Power Sticker

David “Screaming Lord” Sutch had begun broadcasting from Shivering Sands Fort in late May 1964, & by September the station was taken over by his manager to become Radio City

Whilst some of the offshore station staff have maintained contact, the majority haven't

Dick Dixon, Bob Le-Roi, Paul Elvey

Having met for the first time since we’d all been together was on the fort Dick Dixon, Paul Elvey & myself decided that we'd organize a gathering to commemorate 40th anniversary of the first transmission & to mark Radio Sutch & City's part of broadcasting history

To see the pictures go to: Sutch & City Re-union

We like the many dozens who had climbed aboard the Shivering Sands Fort in the Thames Estuary, never realised how the experience would effect our lives

In response to the invitation to join the re-union on the 27th May 2004 the actual 40th anniversary of the first transmissions from Shivering Sands

Former staff gathered in St Katherine's Dock's Dickens Inn, close by the Tower Bridge the Pool of London, the launch site of Radio Sutch

Congratulations for the upcoming 40th Anniversary of Radio Sutch & City this May. I never worked on the Fort Stations but enjoyed listening in. It was a wonderful time back then as I also have some great memories of working on Radio Caroline mainly on the North ship during the time of 1966 & 1967 even marrying 'Ugli' Ray Teret's sister Janet on air on Sept 20th 1966. I took over Ray's spot on Caroline which then became 'Mick's 3 to 6' show, while he went to open up his 'Ugli Bug Boutique' in Douglas on the Isle of Man. Thanks for your interesting site and your good words on Broadcasting.

Do keep in touch & stay happy & healthy Your Canadian 'Soul Brother' Mick Luvzit

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