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Radio Essex in 2002

The boys from the Knock John always find 222 good reasons for holding a reunion this years venue was Kettners in Soho

Kettners restaurant

Ketners Soho

I was invited to join what might still be described as the Radio Essex Beat Club as an honouree member

Knock John Fort in 1965

Knock John in 1965

Before the radar house was unceremoniously cut away & toppled overboard in an effort to improve the signal - It didn't!

John Hatt & Gerry Zeirler

John Hatt formerly Chris Stewart above ...

John Hatt Autograph Gerry Zierler Autograph

... with Gerry Zierler alias Guy Hamilton

Dick Palmer & Mark Wesley

Fort Captain Dick Palmer enjoying an affectionate greeting from ...

Mark Wesley Autograph

... Mark Wesley's (Mark West)

Dick Palmer & Michael Bates

An anecdote from Dick shared with Michael Bates of Sealand

Dick Palmer Autograph

Gerry Zierler & Greg Bance

Gerry with Greg Bance aka Roger Scott on Essex

Dick Dixon

Originally a Radio City Shivering Sands colleague ...

Dick Dixon Autograph

... Dick Dixon jumped Forts

Dick Dixon, Greg Bance

Dick & Greg

Things might have gone better with Coke

Greg Bance Autograph

Greg Bance aka Roger Scott

His Queens English was to be heard on many commercial voice-over's through the 70's & early 80's a stark contrast to Mike Curtis' Estuary English listen below

John Hatt & Gerry Zierler

John & Gerry

"Don't say I didn't warn you Gerry, "Drink anymore wine & you'll be sick"

Radio Essex 222 sticker

Radio Essex Car Sticker January - October 1966


Vince 'Rusty' Allen with Mike Curtis on the 'Crazy Eve' a Clubby DX programme where just about anything happened and usually did! - December 1965

The Radio Essex reunion group

The days line-up on 2 double 2 Bob, Dick P, Dick D, Mark, Michael, John, Gerry, & Greg

Michael Bates

Michael Bates

Ponders the wisdom of staying out on Roughs rather than 'roughing it with the Essex boys

Michael Bates Autograph

Wishes from Roy & Joan

French Bar drinks

Mark, Bob, Greg & Dick

Afterwards the (fool) hardy continued the show at the French Bar in Dean Street

Radio Essex 222 QSL Card

Radio Essex QSL Card

See the first boarding pictures of Knock John by Radio City & the early days of Radio Essex by navigating from Radio Essex 222

Also see how Radio Essex converted Roughs Fort navigate from Sealand One

For more details on all the Thames Estuary Forts see Fort Fax

To commemorate the 40th anniversary we've published a book written by David Sinclair & Bob Le-Roi called Making Waves the Radio Essex story

We also have a range of documentary CD's, the Sealand VCD, books, & a video on the Army & Naval Forts available from the Offshore Shop

There are also pictures of Radio Essex from David Sinclair's photo album in The Pirate Hall of Fame

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