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Fancy a Fort?

Grain Tower Battery River Medway Estuary

Issue: 1 Date: 23rd August 2017

For Sale Again (September 2014)

A copy free feature of the Grain Tower Battery built in the 19th century on shingle off the foreshore of the Isle-of-Grain on the Hoo peninsular

Grain Tower Battery 2007

1. Grain Tower Battery in (September 2007)

The Artillery Tower was strategically placed at the Estuary of the confluence of the Rivers Medway & Thames to protect the important Sheerness & Chatham Docks during the Napoleonic Wars with France

Blockhouse (Left) Observation Tower

2. WW11 DF. Crew . Accommodation with blockhouse (left)
3. WW11 Observation Tower

The Grain Tower Battery around 1,600 feet offshore was based on the earlier design of the Martello Towers which are scattered along the south east & southern shores of the UK

Grain Tower battery at full tide

4. Grain Battery Tower at full tide, beyond Kentish Flats Wind Farm

Where are we?

Grain Tower battery chart

5. Location Grain Tower Battery

Grain Tower battery causeway

5. Causeway to the Tower

Though firmly sited in the mouth of the River Medway the Tower boasts the address #1 The Thames, Sheerness, ME3

Grain Tower battery muddy causeway

6. A muddy trek! (Photograph WT Architecture)

WT Architecture Grain Tower Battery future design option

Grain Tower battery & Sheerness Docks

7. Sheerness Docks, Garrison Point & the old Ferry Terminal

Garrison Point by Medway Lines

Constructed of granite & brick & completed in 1855 (carved into stone above main entrance door arch) it would have been armed with a 56lb & a pair of 32lb cannon

Brick built blockhouse Latrines

8. Blockhouse
9. Latrines

Modified between 1910-1912 to take a pair of 4.7" QF (Quick Fire) guns, & again in WW11 with the addition of Direction Finding equipment crew room, accommodation block & a twin 6lb quick firing heavy gun

View from top Observation Tower

10. What a view! from top of observation tower (Photograph SWNS.Com)

Decommisioned in 1956 it's remained derelict

With adventurous ideas, the listed National Monument was purchased by Chatham born Simon Cooper in 2004 from Crown Estates

Looking towards Sheerness Docks

11. View towards Sheerness Docks

Much like notions for recreational use of the Maunsell Sea Forts Simon's plans came to nothing

6lb Twin Gun mount & track

12. 6lb twin gun mount & track

Press item sale Grain Tower Battery 2010

13. Press Report (16th May 2010)

The Tower was put on the market in 2010 and is still of sale September 2014 priced at £500.000

Fisheye view of Tower & Grain

14. Fisheye view of the Grain Tower Battery & Grain Power Station (River Homes)

Riverhomes Grain Tower Battery : Zoopla

Tower on shingle 1km offshore

15. Low tide the Grain Tower Battery sits on a shingle bank about 1km offshore

Note chains used to secure the western end of the boom which ran across the Medway to Sheerness

Evening over causeway towards Tower

16. Evening falls from the causeway

Access can be gained across a rutted and broken causeway on foot at low tide, any owner would need a boat to winch & sling beneath Davits at full tide

Worth buying?

17. Contemplate a purchase?

Estimates in excess of £1 million are given to refurbish the Tower as a private residence, an offshore hotel, a houseboat community, outdoor pursuit centre, film location, nightclub, casino (Where have we heard that before)

Grain Tower WWII observation post

18. Riverside with WWII observation post looking accross Estuary (13th August 2017)

Grain Tower, clearly shows WWII additions

19. Upstream slightly east of Tower, clearly shows WWII additions (13th August 2017)

Seabed Chain

20. Close-up of the Seabed Chain which was pulled up from across the mouth of the River to rip the hulls of wooden sailing vessels (13th August 2017)

Wreck SS Montgomery

21. Unwelcome neighbour; wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery on the edge of the Nore (1985)

Not for the faint hearted, the Tower has no power, running water, plumbing or gas supply

Examples of completed Fort undertakings can be seen in Solent Forts

Additional photographs are credited where available

For more reading on the Grain Tower Battery see Medway Lines : Nick Catford : BBC News : Grain Tower Battery Camping

Also see our feature on the SS Montgomery & the Thames Estuary Towers in Fort Fax

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