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Royal Navy Submarines

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A copy free feature from September 2011

Royal Submarine Museum Gates

1. The Royal Navy Submarine Museum at Haslar Jetty Road, Gosport, (Portsmouth) Hampshire

Royal Submarine Museum Plan

2. Museum Plan

Scale model Drebbel submarine

3. Scale mock-up of the Drebbel wooden submarine in the car park

Conceived by Dutchman Cornelis Drebbel the craft was the first ever navigable submarine


4. Torpedos everywhere

HMS Alliance 1

5. HMS Alliance

Built by Vickers-Armstrong she was launched at Barrow-in-Furness in 1945 (P417) these are some of last pictures taken before the £6.5 million restoration/preservation project commenced in the autumn of 2011

HMS Alliance conning tower

6. Heightened Conning Tower

Refitted & modernised in 1958 she was better equipped for her roll in the cold war (S17/S67)

HMS Alliance conning tower close up 1

7. Close up

The boat showing her age & the savages of 30 years at sea & exposure as a museum exhibit for another 36 years

HMS Alliance conning tower close up 2

8. Last few days

Decommissioned in 1974 a massive restoration & preservation programme has commenced (Autumn 2011)

HMS Alliance conning tower name plate

9. HMS Alliance name plate

HMS Alliance starboard side

10. Starboard side

HMS Alliance deck entry hatch

11. Main deck entry hatch

HMS Alliance forward torpedos

12. Torpedo stowage forward port side, tubes beyond

Walkway looking aft Control room looking aft

13. Aft view starboard walkway
14. Aft view of control room

Forward torpedo tubes Periscope

15. Forward Torpedo Tubes
16. Main Periscope

Control room looking forward

17. Control room looking forward

Flooding valves Periscopes looking aft

18. Flooding valves portside
19. Periscopes looking aft

Pressure gauges

20. Pressure gauges everywhere

More pressure dials

21.  Plumbers nightmare

Helmsmans seat

22. Helmsman's seat

View up conning tower

23. View up Conning Tower

Officers lounge

24. Officers lounge/mess

Crew mess

25. Crew mess

Crew quarters

26. There's not much room

Crew sleeping 1

27. Crew sleeping ...

Crew sleeping 2

28. ... bunks, anywhere you can

Monitoring Plotting

29. Monitoring
30. Plotting

Radio comms

31. Radio communications

Heads Washroom

32. Heads
33. Washroom


34. More transceivers

Diesel engines looking forward

35. Main diesel engines, looking forward

Starboard engine rockers

36. Starboard diesel engine rockers

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