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Royal Navy Submarines

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A copy free feature from September 2011 of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum at Haslar Jetty Road, Gosport, (Portsmouth) Hampshire

The last pictures before the £6.5 million restoration/preservation project commenced

Switching & engines looking forward

37. Power switching & diesel engines, looking forward

Torpedo aft

38. Torpedo stowage aft port

Aft torpedo tube

39. Aft torpedo tube

Starboard side hull rust

40. Rust on starboard side hull

Saving the boat was long overdue, several sections of hull had become thin & parts had been falling into the sea around her since 2008

HMS Alliance represents one of the last remaining relics of WWII & is worthy of saving

Starboard side hull rust looking forward

41. Looking forward starboard side

Where it all began for Royal Navy Submarines ...

Holland 1 plan

42. Holland 1 plan

Holland 1 the world's most historic submarine was built at Barrow-in-Furness in 1901, crewed by 8 she could travel 20 miles at 7 knots 100' beneath the waves

Holland 1 stern

43. Holland 1 stern

Decommissioned in 1913 she was being towed for scrap when she broke loose & sunk 1.5 miles off Eddystone Lighthouse

Holland 1 propeller

44. Holland 1 propeller

Holland 1 engine block from outside hull

45. Holland 1 engine block portside, exterior

Holland 1 engine block from inside hull

46. Holland 1 engine port side, interior

Rediscovered in 1981 she was raised in 1982

Holland 1 drive shaft

47. Holland 1 drive shaft

Holland 1 engine plate

48. Holland 1 engine plate, exterior

Holland 1 torpedo tube

49. Holland 1 Torpedo tube

Comprehensive preservation & an environmental display arrangements enables the boat, listed as part of the National Historic Fleet Core Collection to be exhibited at Haslar

Holland 1 torpedo tube close up

50. Holland 1 torpedo tube close up

Holland 1 inside of torpedo tube

51. Holland 1 inside of torpedo tube

Holland 1 outside of torpedo tube

52. Holland 1 torpedo tube, exterior

Holland 1 clock

53. Holland 1 clock

See Maritime Quest for pictures of Holland 1 in service

Royal Navy Submarine Holland 1

And finally ...

X24 above view

53. X24 from above

The example X24 at Haslar is the only remaining X-Craft to see WWII action

X24 bow

54. X24 bow view

Built between 1943-1944 the 3 manned boats carried 4 tons of high explosives deployed either side of the hull, these primed charges were dropped beneath enemy craft normally when in harbour

X24 prow

55. X24 Prow

X24 controls

56. X24 controls, note sleeping berth left

X24 gardner diesel

57. X24's were powered by Gardner diesels

These were essentially converted bus engines

X24 gardner manifold

58. Gardner engine exhaust manifold

X24 gardner logo

58. Gardner engine block logo

Royal Submarine Museum The X24

Underwater submarine

59. Video selection

Portsmouth harbour & surrounds are steeped in Naval history the Submarine Museum has several interactive displays & interesting videos

20th Century & beyond ...

Polaris missile 1

60. Polaris Missile, side view

Exhibited in the weapons gallery this example was carried by the Resolution Class SSBN (Submersible Submarine Nuclear Ballistic) one of the Big 4 from the Burrow-in-Furness yards along with Repulse, Renown & Revenge they were is service from 1966 - 1996

Polaris missile 2

61. Polaris Missile, nose cone

SSBN trials Nov 1984

62. SSBN Trials Faslane, Gare Lock, Scotland in November 1984

The latest generation of submarine being the Vanguard Class which carry 16 Trident Missiles have been in service since 1994, the boats are Vanguard, Victorious, Vigilant & Vengeance

With a 16,000 ton displacement they are almost 150m long, with a 12.8m beam & 12m draft

Top speed is 25 knots & an unlimited range, with exception of provisions for the 135 officers & crew

HMS Alliance

63. HMS Alliance

Royal Naval Submarine Museum Logo

64. The Royal Navy Submarine Museum at Haslar Jetty Road, Gosport, (Portsmouth) Hampshire

Fareham town quay

65. Close by Fareham Town Quay

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