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Jazamine Vaughn

'Before Its Gone Exhibition'

Fort image Jazamine Vaughn

1. Fort Image 17th March 2016 (Jazamine Vaughn)

Young artist Jazamine Vaughn exhibited some of her work at 'Chatham House' 351 High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1DA from 18th - 20th March 2016

Chatham town sign 30 High Street Chatham

2. Old Town Sign
3. 30 High Street, Chatham*

*The Rochester boundary with Chatham is in the High Street

The former Chatham News and Rochester, Strood, Brompton & Gillingham Advertiser newspaper building at 30 High Street, Chatham dates from 1859

Renamed 'Media House' BBC Radio Medway opened on 18th December 1970

N.B The Medway Towns is a large conurbation from west to east: Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, and Rainham so the boundaries are quite blurred

With expansion at the BBC in July 1983 the station became BBC Radio Kent

In July 1986 it moved a short distance to a new building at Sun Pier, the first actual programme was the Rock Show hosted by Mike Brill & Bob Le-Roi

30 High Street, Chatham is now the 'Media House' apartments

On 3rd September 2001 the station had relocated to the Great Hall in Tunbridge Wells, along with a new TV studio for the South East region

Chatham House

4. 'Chatham House', 351 High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1DA

Chatham House Exhibition

5. 'Chatham House', Exhibition

Chatham House sash windows

6. 'Chatham House' sash window features

Jazamine Vaughn

7. Artist Jazamine Vaughn

The Forts Jazamine Vaughn

8. The Forts (Jazamine Vaughn)

Chatham House stained glass

9. Chatham House' stained glass window detail

Chatham House 1st floor window

10. Sash window at 1st floor level to High Street

Medway Council Logo

11. Medway Council

'Chatham House' once grand home of Brewer Charles Arkcol with his Lion Brewery behind the house off Ship Lane. There are ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the riverside which include 'Chatham House'

Historic Medway Building Records

Red Sands Fort Jazamine Vaughn

12. Red Sands Forts (Jazamine Vaughn)

X-Pilot in the 1990's

13. The X-Pilot in 1990's (Skipper Alan's Archive)

The service vessel for the Red Sands Fort project-redsand the X-Pilot has been used for tendering Red Sands Radio & has often been used as a filming platform since 2003

X-Pilot in the 1990's

14. The X-Pilot at work off Red Sands Fort in 1990's (Skipper Alan's Archive)

Built in 1967, 18.90m (62'0") 72 Ton steel constructed former 'Pilot' worked the Thames until retired, she's fitted with her original T8 Kelvin Diesel 240hp, 8 cylinder engine

X-Pilot off Red Sands Radio Fort

15. X-Pilot approaching Red Sands Fort with Red Sands Radio on-air from the Towers (Red Sands Radio)

For interior Radio Fort photographs go to Red Sands Radio ScrapBook Pages

X-Pilot Sailings

16. X-Pilot Sailings

Bought by Alan Harmen in 1996 the X-Pilot is available to hire for Thames Estuary excursions from her base on the River Medway & the All Tide Landing at Queenborough

Loading arm Ship Lane

17. Loading arm between Ship & Sun Pier

A Garrison Town, Chatham's old High Street was the 'Red Light District'

Berkley House

18. 'Berkley House'

At the Star Hill end of Rochester High Street you'll find the Grade II listed 'Berkley House' home of Medway FM from 1996

'Bar Restaurant' was the Medway FM Radio Cafe from where the 'Live Lunch' was broadcast

First floor windows left to right: Main On-Air Studio, News Studio, Production Studio

Medway FM ran trial broadcasts from 1992 & was the last proper Radio Authority (Ofcom) ILR licence, covering the large area of the Medway Towns

Subsequent small licence's were known as 'Sallies' the acronym for Small-scale alternative local licence

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