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Kent Car Run

Copy Free feature with a selection of photographs from the run on Saturday 16th October 2010

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Brands Hatch Van Logo

1. Meeting at the Kent Motor Racing Circuit Brands Hatch

 Formula Fords

2. On the qualifying practice day for Formula Ford's above the 1st  run

The route was based on a Roman theme taking in Historic Castles & Forts ending in Dover at the White Cliffs Visitor Centre overlooking the Straits-of-Dover

1966 Singer Vogue Saloon

3. 1966 Singer Vogue Saloon driven by Alan Carter with wife Valerie navigating

Singer Vogue Owners Club


4. MG TF Spark belonging to Alan Benton with navigator Lyn Clarke

MG Owners Club

 1967 Mk II Jaguar

5. 1967 Mk II Jaguar driven by Michelle with Suzanne Hulot navigating

Jaguar Daimler Owners Club

 1953 Series One Land Rover

6. 1953 Series One (86") Land Rover owned & driven by Neil Harris with his son Max navigating

Land Rover Owners Club UK

 2009 PGO Speedster II 356

7. 2009 PGO Speedster II 356 owned by Mike Twomey with Martina Twomey navigating

Speedsters Site

 1984 Ford Escort Cabrolette

8. 1984 Ford Escort Cabriolet driven by owner Bill Pollington with navigator Rob Terry

Ford Escort Club

 1994 Toyota Celica ST202

9. 1994 Toyota Celica ST202 driven by Bernard Ward with Dave Rosher navigating

Celica Club

 2002 Mazda MX5

10. 2002 Mazda MX5 driven by John Chubb with wife Cathy looking after maps

MX5 South East Roadsters

1997 Porsche 911

11. 1997 Porsche 911 driven by Bob Palmer with wife Barbara navigating

Porche Club

1992 VW Corrado

12. 1992 VW Corrado with Stephen Carr doing the driving & wife Christine advising the turns

VW Corrado Club

1969 MG Midget

13. 1969 MG Midget with Peter Head wrestling the wheel & wife Sandra giving the orders

MG Midget Site

2004 BMW Z4

14. 2004 BMW Z4 Colin Pillen holding the reins & wife Chris the ridding crop

BMW Z4 Community

2007 Mazda MX5 RC Sport

15. 2007 Mazda MX5 RC Sport with Valve at the helm & Salty pondering the charts

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