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Kent Car Run

Copy Free feature of the run on Saturday 16th October 2010

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Tony & Chris Smith checking in

31. Tony & Chris Smith checking out

Citroen in no hurry to leave

32. Citroen in no hurry to leave

Reculver Country Park

 33. Second check point - Reculver Country Park

Reculver Towers

 34. Reculver Towers

The Ancient Fort & Tower are covered in more detail in Reculver Autumn Walk

Reculver Towers

35. Reculver Towers

Brisk northerly wind

36. Brisk northerly wind

Bill has his top off good man

37. Bill has his top off good man

Citroen in fields

38. Citroen looks at home in the fields

Ready to leave

39. Ready to leave

Control Point

40. Howard Stacey Control Point Marshal checks in a dog

Richborough Castle

41. Richborough Castle & Fort built by the Romans the second Fort guarding the waters of the Wantsum Channel

Richborough Castle
42. Richborough Castle

In those times the Isle-of-Thanet was a true separate island, the seaway had Reculver Fort in the North & Richborough at the South thus protecting both entries into the waterway see Map

Richborough Castle
43. Richborough Castle

The River Wantsum is now nothing more than a wide ditch which attracts anglers, but its possible looking across the valley to image it serving as an inland waterway to the important City of Canterbury

Richborough Power Station

44. Richborough Power Station

Built in the 1950's to burn coal from nearby Kent coalfields, the plant sits on the River Stour at Sandwich before the river enters Pegwell Bay

Richborough was converted in 1970's to oil and later Orimulsion as crude prices rose. However, local farmers proved damage to crops & tests labeled Orimulsion as the worlds dirtiest fuel

Richborough was to close in 1996 and is now terminal for the Thanet Windfarm

See pictures of Richborough Power Station before its new lease of life

The next stop Deal ...

Deal Barracks

45. Deal Barracks

Deal Castle

46. Deal Castle

Roman landing plaque

47. The plaque recognising the Roman landing by Julius Caesar's Landing at Deal

Walmer Castle

48. Walmer Castle

The actual landing site is nearer Walmer Castle a mile east of this stone

From here the run took in Dover

Dover Castle

49. Dover Castle from the Western Granville Dock approaches

Dover Castle Military Workings

50. Dover acted as a WWII nerve centre

Dating from 1797 Dover Castle has opened the Military Tunnels & underground works for visitors

The building centre left above, is the observation balcony where Churchill would look across to France

The route ended at the White Cliffs Visitor Centre

Also see South Foreland

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