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Red Sands Radio - Part 15

Issue: 1 Updated: 20th December 2010

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Red Sands Radio were approached by BBC TV to film an item on the history of the Forts & its radio stations, this item being for a Children's television programme (CBBC's)

Scene setting - visual ...

Distant Red Sands Fort from Kentish Flats

1. The Red Sands Forts from the eastern perimeter of the Kentish Flats windfarm (Errol Sidlesky)

Scene setting - audio ...


Sons of Alpha Centauri (Battle) at the Forts (2007)

Sons of Alpha Centauri are an Instrumental Riff/Progressive/Alternative Rock Band from Swale (Kent)

The track (Battle at) the Forts was recorded live at Ranscombe Studios

Their Album also called Sons of Centauri - SD006CD on Sound Devestation Records was released in the winter of 2007 & played on Red Sands Radio in 2008

Further tracks from Sons of Centauri can be heard in Sealand Fire - Part 2 & SS Richard Montgomery

Distant Red Sands Fort from Tankerton Slopes

2. The red sky with the Red Sands Forts pictured from Tankerton on 23rd May 2010

Clearly visible Red Sands Port handed buoy, the Red Sands Radio antenna with the twin lattice masts on Foulness Island beyond

Tracy & Natalie

Set up in conjunction with projectredsand BBC TV (Glasgow) made a preliminary visit on Tuesday 1st June 2010

Captioned images of the visit follow

3. Producer Tracy & Production Assistant Natalie Moss on a reci' visit

Red Sands Forts from Middle Sand

4. Out of the mist the Red Sands Forts from the infamous mid-sands beacon

Moody Red Sands Forts

5. Moody and foreboding doors open with work crew Tony, Vaughan, Peter & Andy onboard

ViC 96 steams by

6. The 1945 MoD commissioned steam coaster VIC 96 with the bow of the 'Thames Highway'

RoRo Thames Highway comes into view

7. RoRo Thames Highway with VIC 96

The Towers on a grey day

8. The 'Thames Highway' making its way East in the Oaze Channel

Forts closed door hatches

9. The southern gun tower hatches closed

KESS Thames Highway glides by

10. The 'Thames Highway' is operated by KESS IMO# 9316294

Tug towing cable barge

11. Tug towing cable reels bound for the Thanet Windfarm

Bound for Thanet Windfarm

12. The Thanet windfarm forms part of the London Array, power will come ashore from the site 7 miles north east off the coast to a substation at the disused Richborough Power Station, meanwhile development of a site Cleve Hill at Graveney/Seasalter between Whitstable & Faversham will become another substation linking into the National Grid

Motor cruiser

13. Motor cruiser Libenty belts by

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